Does this light exist?

XML (NW preferred), 18650 or 26650 (or both), 5 mode w/ memory moonlight - Turbo (like E1320 mod), Tailstands, $20-$30 range.

This would be my first light and would be an all purpose light for me.

If this doesn’t exist how would I get there for the same money? Or, what would be the closest thing that exists for the money? XML, price, tailstand, and at least going low-med-high with a low-low is a must. Moonlight/Turbo, memory, and NW are bonus.

I’ve looked and can’t find anything with all the criteria but I’m new here so I figured I’d ask.

By the way I’m loving this forum. Everyone is so nice and helpful.

G’day d_ech.

I don’t know of any like that in stock form, but modded Keygos M10 would fit the bill well. Some have reported late model lights have a U2. Lots of stuff already written about this light and mods so you should be well catered for, best of luck and welcome to the forum


If it’s your 1st light, does it need to be perfect and tick every box? As in does it really need to be an XM-L, is there a reason for it?

Also if you are wanting a larger power supply in terms of 18650 or 26650’s, are you also wanting high out put and very low out put from the same light?

As a personal preference I find I have almost no use for ultra low and moonlight modes, however if I do then I prefer to simply grab a different flashlight rather than just a single unit. Also I’m highly unlikely to EDC a 26650 powered flashlight, such a torch would be for a purpose, not carry convenience.

While on the topic of batteries, is there a need to support two different sizes?

I know I’ve not answered your question, but in truth I don’t know any such lights to suggest. But my advice would be to worry less and don’t try and get a single light to do everything.

On your budget I think a Solarforce L2M might do the trick, although it won’t tail-stand. But you can buy a 5 mode drop in, it supports 18650’s and most of all it’s modular so you could likely adapt it to meet most of your criteria if you want too.


Welcome d_ech !

The UF-2200 is a contender - 26650 or 18650, XM-L U2, tailstands, grey or black, $23 at Manafont.
I have a grey one and it’s a pretty good all round household light.

With an E1320 mod it could be perfect !

Welcome to the BLF family, d_ech!

There is a light that fits every one of your criteria. Contact e1320 and see if he can make you one of his UF-2100 customs.

Good to hear about this one. Has the price gone up? I swore it was lower.


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the good advice. I was bummed that I had missed the group buy on the UF-2100. I like that other than tailstanding that fits all my criteria.

The other light that I keep coming back to is the Keygos M10. My only problem is that I don’t know how to go about modding it. I live in Central Asia and getting things here is a beast. I’m next door to China but it takes about the same time to get something sent to the US and then back here as it does to get here from there. Not to mention that things tend to get “lost.” So, I’d like to get everything at once and have it work the first time. When I order things I usually have a two month wait! :frowning:

I will throw this light in my book-bag and have it with me pretty much all the time. At night when I need to see something on the floor beside the bed I’ll grab it and would prefer to not go straight to HIGH with my wife asleep beside me. That is why I was asking for something starting on Low and/or with memory.

I’m interested in getting a bike eventually here and would use it for that. Additionally, we go camping here and would like something that has some power. That is why I’m looking for something powerful with a nice low setting.

So, what would I need to get in addition to a Keygos M10 to add the kinds of modes that I’m wanting? I don’t know what driver or where to get it. Sorry for all the questions but I want to really try to get this right the first time.