out of the flashlight game?

Just went on to check his website , has Bill given up selling flashlights?

Send him a email and ask him.

I hadn’t been on his website for a while, I’m just shocked it’s all gone and no one noticed. Always had good prices on Sunwaymans.


Yes. He’s only got four flashlights for sale.

On eBay he is selling more flashlights I believe, a few olights, fenix etc.

At least I think it's him..

My friend Bill of doingoutdoor is embarking on a new venture…manufacturing titanium products he designed himself:

(still got a few flashlights though)

I remember him saying he was going to open another eBay store. Do you have a link.
His Aliexpress store is all titanium.

He is focusing mainly on Olight n Fenix.
Send him a PM. He has some nice clearance prices on Nitecore and Niteye.

Here ending soon

I’ve been watching 2 of his lights on ebay. He’s relisted them 4 times immediately after auction for a 2 day duration. It’s pretty suspicious and makes me think he’s not happy with the end price so relists them.

No, I’ve bought lots of lights from his old eBay store.
He’ll have one one auction, and one at the listed price. After it sells he’ll put up another one for auction. I’ve gotten many a light for an excellent price from bil, and won several auctions.

I can confirm this is his ebay store. Looks like clearing out some old and may be overstock flashlights.

I’ve only bought one item from him on ebay. It shipped and arrived on time and was exactly what I expected. I would buy from him again.