domasleo’s Old Lumens Contest Entry - Modded Category

Yeah I’m going to try to have it touching the housing, but I don’t have any metalworking tools so I’ll have to see if I can make it work or not. If I can make it fit perfectly that would be awesome, but if not it won’t be a huge deal.

I know the heat won’t be dissipated very well if it’s not touching the walls, but I’m rarely going to use this light on turbo or even high, it’ll probably used on medium most of the time.

domasleo very nice mod :+1:
And Welcome to BLF :smiley:

Looks good. That disassembled test looks familiar, like I’ve seen it before somewhere…

Looking forward to the build!

Cool to see the parts gathering. :+1:

Made another update to the post with more parts/progress!

Great start for your build, domasleo. :person_with_crown:

The host looks quite nice for being 70 years old. It has that Emisar blue of the D4 and D4SV2 that everybody desires but is discontinued.

In case you are looking for a D18 aux led board, Lexel sells one: [SALE] Emisar D18 lighted front board multicolored with LVP, stabilized or High/low

That’s a very cool looking retro build. Looking forward to the final product :slight_smile:

Nice work Domaselo, Very interesting build.
It seems to me that the original wires that come with the battery box are not thick enough to support your planned current level.
Also the battery holders does not seems to be able to handle high current.
I think you may want to use thicker wires and to bypass the spring and the positive terminal.
Even better solution IMHO since you are planning to use USB charging you can solder the cells and make a permanent internal batteries pack.

Yeah I’m not sure if the battery holders and wires can handle the current, I’m going to do an extended test with them soon to see if they hold up or not.

I like that style of light it will be even better modded :+1:

There will be far too much voltage sag over wires and springs and you’ll lose a lot of your mods potential. You’ll need another solution.
You can’t even reliably bypass the springs or use thicker wires. When soldering springs and contacts they will probably melt out of the plastic. These holders are crap. I also support the idea of a soldered battery pack.

But the thin wires of the cell holders might serve pretty well as fuse … or a heater …

You can solder wires to the brass terminal for the + and to the spring for the -
But you have to be VERY careful not to melt the plastic!
I managed to do it using 63/37 solder with flux core, don’t even try with lead free ones

I got a nice solder station that can get very hot as well as some really nice flux and solder so I was able to solder directly to the board. I was just quick so it wouldn’t get too hot.

I’ll hopefully be updating my main post soon! The light is pretty much finished, I’m just troubleshooting some small issues and making some finishing touches.

Any finishing pics domasleo ?

Sorry for not updating in ages. I’ve finished the flashlight but I’ve just been busy. I should finish writing up my post within a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to share, this light is super fun!

We are looking fwd to the pics :sunglasses:

Nice find on the light . I like to “ modernize “ old lights . I melted one of that style , but it was plastic. Your build is looking good .

Just over 2 weeks to get those finishing pics up mate :sunglasses:

Bumping this post since I finally got around to finishing writing it up!

Great to see you managed to finish your flashlight, domasleo. :sunglasses:

Nice combination of old and new technology. Good looking fotos as well. The resolution is a little high for slow internet connections but I do like nice big fotos.

What kind of glass lens are you using? It looks very dark in the last picture. Is it some kind of reflection that makes the aluminium look like copper in some of your pictures?