dome fell off XR-E Q5

Hi,i was taking apart my C8 pill to fit a new single mode driver and when i removed the black plastic gasket thing on front of the pill the dome has vanished.When i went to de-solder the wires from the the
led i noticed dome had gone so i soldered in my new driver and put light back together to try it,it is so bad now with no hot spot and useless beam.
Is there anyway to make this de domed xre useable or will i have to order a new led.cheers terry

Buy an XPG2 or XML2 LED and replace your damaged one .

More efficient , wide variety of tints available .

My preference would be a neutral XML2 .

How many amps does your new driver output ?

The driver is 1.4 amps,cheers terry

XP-G2 works great at 1.5A :)