Domestic (US) sources of Li-ion batteries?

I just read hundreds of posts on fake, dangerous and defective 18650 and other li-ion batteries from China.

Can I assume there is no US domestic (and hopefully more trust worthy) sources of 18650 and 26650 batteries??

Joe C

There is, just PM Kumabear. He will take care of you.

By source, do you mean manufacture or vendor? There aren’t any manufactures anywhere in the world I know of that will be able to compete with a Panasonic or Sanyo as far as value/performance.

+1 PM KumaBear and we will send you the price list. He’s got a great selection with awesome pricing. Once he gets caught up on orders here soon, you will be able to get products from him MUCH faster than shipping from China.

For US resellers, try SBFlashlights, Lighthound and eBay seller Protacticalshop19.

A good source for AW batteries.

bookmarked that one - thanks!

Right now you can get Orbtronic Panasonic 3400mAh 18650 cells (2) for a discounted price with free shipping. Use coupon code FORUM25B for a 25% discount, so price for two is $29.98.

scaru is right though, check with kumabear first.

Thank you for all the good input. As I stated before I am new to this and I have already ordered 3 5000ma Ultrafire 26650 and 2 Trustfire 4000ma 18650 batteries from Manafort and Lightmalls. I don’t know if they are good or not but the next batteries I want to get “locally”. At least I won’t have to wait 2 - 3 weeks to get them! :slight_smile:

Joe C

Well, I just tried to order 2 of these batteries using the coupon code and it did not accept it. And I really wanted to order these today. :frowning:

Joe C

Hi, Joe.I have been using mostly Tenergy 2600 protected cells from BatteryJunction.They may not be as good as the Panisonic or Sayno cells but are much cheaper.I have had very good luck with them so far.-Rick

I'm happy with my Tenergy 2600's as well. Mine are flat tops, so I added a blob of solder on top of two of my four. I see they are only $6.95ea (button tops) + any shipping, not bad.

EDIT - just priced shipping for 2 cells: $3.67 for "Super Saver" or $4.25 "First class mail". So shipping isn't so bad either.


Thanks for the input, I book marked it for future use. Since I am just starting out in high power lights, I am a little paranoid about li-ion batteries and I also want the biggest, badest batteries I can get so in case of emergencies I don’t have to worry about battery life. So my first few 18650 batteries I want to be top of the line. I very attuned to emergencies as Sandy may hit somewhere in NY here so I am making sure I am prepared. (Actually it is just an excuse to get all my lights ready and to order a new light and batteries.) :bigsmile:

Joe C

Joe, Liions aren’t that big a deal if you take care of them properly.Do yourself a favor and get a DVOM to read the voltages of the cells.Don’t drain them much past 3.6-3.8 volts and make sure your charger cuts off not much over 4.2 volts.There is a lot of info on proper care and use of li-ions here, read up-learn as much as you can before you start using them and you won’t have a problem.As for the storm…just checked the recent models and it looks like anyone on the east coast from VA to NY is going to be in for some rough weather next week.I am about 45 min. NW of Baltimore so it should be fun, I mean a challenge here as well.Went to Wallmart this morning(Garry Bunk’s fault) and people are already doing the scared sheepy dance here!Guess I should roll out the generator and see if it still runs!Good luck and have a great day!-Rick

Hey! Quit blaming me! You made a choice to go to Walmart! :)

Anyway, 45min NW of Baltimore? Whereabouts? (Or did I ask you before?) I grew up in the small town of Woodbine (near Mt. Airy). I have a good friend in the Hagerstown area too.


Problem resolved! I just ordered two Panasonic 3400 ma NCR18650B from Orbtronic and got a great price and they shipped already! Wow! Excellent service. Now if I could just get the two lights I ordered from China to come in as fast…

Joe C.

Hi All,

This is my first post. I was at Fry’s (SF Bay Area) yesterday and was surprised to see Li-ion and charger there. To be honest, I never paid attention to Li-ion before.
They have Tenergy 26650, 18650 protected and unprotected. Price for the protected Tenergy 2600 (button top) is 7. I also found a few 26650 and 16650 LiPo on clearance for 1.99

Wow, that's a good price. If I were you I would go buy all the 26650s and 16650s they have. :D

Since I am a careless person I don’t own any Li-ion battery. You guys taught me well about the danger of Li-ion (-;
Fry’s must be very confident about the safeness of their batteries. Do you think I should give it a try?

I would, however if you still don't want to buy all of the 2 dollar batteries and I'll buy them from you. :D

I use & stock Panasonic factory cells in Dallas, Texas.

Mainly 3400mah models.

Panasonic Cells

I use these in 6 watt UV lights I build.