DONG-RUI DR-918 CREE-T6 2x26650

Hey guy’s

What do you think of this?

DONG-RUI DR-918 CREE-T6 1000,5Modes, 2x26650 and only $16.79!
Seem’s like a bargin to me, so i orderd one :wink: I felt the need for a 2x26650 flashlight….

Here’s the link if someone is interested.

That's a great price on a 2x26650 light. I've been somewhat disappointed in my Dong Rui DR-B18 bike light, so I'm hoping this performs a lot better.

It will be interesting to see what driver size it is…

It’s a shadow jm05 clone, hope the build quality is good, its certainly a good price, as you say, if its a regular sized driver your laughing.

if its 20mm, I’m quite liking these.

ordered :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:

I ordered this light from the above link and received it very quickly, but it did not turn out very well.

The exterior quality of the light is excellent, as are the threads, but inside the brass rings at top and bottom of battery tube do not fit well. You cannot see it in the pics, but the inner edges of the brass rings are sharp and cut the battery wrapper, which created a short circuit and ultimately ruined two perfectly good Trustfire 5000mah protected cells. I’m not sure if this defect is characteristic of all Dongrui DR-918 lights, but it’s at least worth considering before you purchase.

After all, decent batteries are expensive enough without a flashlight that EATS them.

Can you take some pics and post them please.

This is the disassembled light with the two batteries. I had to take off the wrapper on one of them and tried to cover it with clear tape, but I still could not get it to work. Because of the sharp brass rings, I had to push the batteries straight through the top as they would not come back out of the bottom.

I have’nt recived mine yet, but i will have a good look on my light before i put any batteries in it…

Mine also arrived today. I haven’t measured the lights inner diameter well and tried my Trustfire Flame 26650’s in. Result wasn’t as dramatic as in your picture but it tore a piece of the wrapping as in your case. I taped the thorn piece with some thin kapton tape and reserved this battery for a wider light. Yellow KingKong batteries on the other hand can get in without much trouble.

For $16 this light is phenomenal. It is bright and throwy and 2x26650 setup has a very good feeling in the hand. The threads were surprisingly clean, was painted and well lubed. The emitter in my sample looks very well focused. Light doesn’t seem to have a mode memory, or maybe I haven’t used it properly enough to trigger its memory function.

can you seperate the tube and make it a single battery light? They have a single cell light listed and looks the same and is the same price.


Nope. This is a single tube light.

Ok thanks for the info

It’s to compensate ya for medical bills when your once best friend trashes his last spare 2 x 26650’s on the torch ya lent him on his once-in-a-lifetime night-time Alaskan hunting trip. :open_mouth:

I was just about ready to pull the trigger but now I’m not even in the same room. :smiley:


This one burnt down its driver in one day. A friend tried unscrewing the head. I guess the motion of the reflector turned the star a bit (it had grease like thermal paste under the star) and the insulator of the positive led wire cut and shorted to the pill. It got dim for a while, then total darkness.

I managed to open the driver. Positive wire was broken and replaced it. Emitter started on a very low output. Modes are working but I don’t think it is driven by the driver circuit any more. I had a similar driver at home so didn’t try to find which part was burnt. Driver size is 20mm in this light BTW.

Anyway, I always needed a decent 2xLiIon host so I’ll spare this light for my 12v XML EasyWhite series 4000K Neutral White emitter plus a 3xCree driver from Dx. Driver has at least 2 weeks to come, though.

Still good price for a 2x26650 host. 16.80 - 4.80 for the XML = $12 or less if you keep the driver