Double emitter stars

Well there ya have it folks

Saw those the other day.. Ive played with such stars in the past.

Nice…the double emitter zoomie was…….interesting to say the least :slight_smile:

Oh…now do that with a quad…I dare ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting… I would have use for one if it had the White emitter with a RED emiter (instead of Blue) maybe i can just reflow a red on it.

Here you go, bare board, not the same but basicly the same thing.

Cheers David

Been there, done that. Ugly beam profile with a big black hole in the middle.

Ouch, that’s nasty. Please, take it away! :Sp

Frosted lens or orange peel reflector? Wouldn’t one of those help hide the ugliness a little?

No. It would just be a black hole with softer edges, and why would you even bother? Two LEDs in one reflector won’t work. Perhaps there is another use for a dual emitter MCPCB, but not for flashlights.

Will this IOS MC-E driver work? So we can have 1 emitter switch on at one time. Or maybe police strobe with blue and red LED.

I don't know if it would work, but the driver has next mode memory, so you have to go through all the modes until you come back to the first.

EDIT: it starts on white and continues through RGB and strobes. If you turn it off, it goes back to first mode (white)

I built a light with that driver and an MC-E RGBW emitter, and the beam has a big donut hole in the center.

Dark hole in all projected distance? Cannot be right?

I pulled out my RGBW MC-E and took snaps of the beam profile. For some reason red isn't working, probably a loose wire. My ipad camera has problems capturing exactly what's going on, but you can get a pretty good idea if the lousy beam profile...donut and black hole.

The white profile in the first shot is pretty much accurate.

Somewhat floody — made for me by Nailbender back in 2010 — dual amber XPE, orange-peel reflector, P60
(it was a choice between two XPEs or one Rebel at the time, for about the same output)

I don’t know how he put it together.
Some day I’ll take it apart and look up close.

Without added diffuser film the light was a bit ringy — barely noticeable, no ‘black hole’ just uneven extra brightness slightly off center; adding a diffuser film completely evens out the result. It’s been my mainstay camping/pedestrian light for four or five years now.

Heck, these days, these little emitters are being stuffed side by side into all sorts of light sources, e.g.

That IOS MC-E driver does not have memory. Actually it returns to the first mode within a second after switch-off. This is very handy, if you're stuck in some useless mode (which are quite a few in this driver ) you just half-press and hold the switch for a second to return to the first mode (=useful: white die only)