Double Lighting Sources White and UV LED flashlight Tank007 F2

Tank007 F2 is a new flashlight with two LEDs, the one is white, and the other is UV LED. So, you can use this flashlight for general lighting and special tests like fluorescence detection, pet urine detecting, etc.

White Light
LED:High power 3W LED
LED life:more than 50,000 hours
Max brightness:160lumens
Max beam distance:130m

Power:high power 1W UV LED
LED Life:10,000 hours

Input Voltage: 0.8-3.0V
Modes:Two modes(White light LED and UV LED)
Circuit: Constant current chip, stable brightness
Power Source: 1*AA alkaline or NI-MH battery (Note:DO NOT use li-ion battery)
Burn Time: 0.7hours
Size(cm): 10.6(length)* 20.9(body diameter) * 24.3(head diameter)
Weight(g): 63 (excluding battery)
Switch: end click switch
Material: aluminum T6061
Lens: Optical convex lens
Treatment: anodized treatment
Waterproof: IPX-7
Anti dropping height: 1.5 m

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So this light can be used as an angle grinder too? :laughing:

placing an UV led next to a White led is not a good idea
shine UV to your white led and you will know why

I wonder what the run time is for the “strong power and durable polishing grinding cutting function angle grinder” on 1 nimh AA battery?

I’m no expert, but wouldn’t having the LED’s offset behind the lens cause some kind of distortion in the beam?

Hi, the running time is 0.7 hour, around 40 minutes.
But if the LEDs are adjusted well, they can shine normal light without distortion.

Sale link?

Hi, here is the purchase link:

Price updated: 39.99 USD including shipping cost

Can anyone explain why?

John Snow, do you work for Tank007?