DQG 18650 EDC--World's Smallest 18650 Flashlight

Titanium with NW
Black with CW


Darn! I just did the same thing. Couldn’t make up my mind after seeing the side-by-side pic :(…


They’re BOTH very nice. I like the contrast between the clip and the body with the black one, but I also like having some lights that are not “just” black…


Just ordered the Khaki one…

Both colors are nice!

I’m still searching for the info which specifies the material the lens is made of … is that anti-reflective glass or some sort of scratch-resistant plastic?

I would be surprised if it is glass (haven't seen many of them around), and plastic TIR's are really alright with me: they do not break on impact and are optically just as clear as glass. It just scratches over time, but that is ok with the normal wear and tear of a light, it does not affect the output a lot. The only risk is that it melts when overheated, so I will not mod this light with a monster driver.

The first post in this thread states:
“Reflector: Glass optics lens”

It looks like a normal plastic TIR lens in the photo.

$35 is out of the range I'm willing to pay for this light. Oh well

@ Glenn
You can still get it for the promotion price of $30 at

Thanks buddy! How long is the promotion good for? oh I see, 8 days

I hear ya man. I'm not wild about twisty's myself. I think I'll pass

Arent Eagletacs UIs also based on twisting? :P

Its really simple.. only magnetic control rings are more simple.

I don’t think I will. Of course a clicky is preferable in many ways but it takes up space. The whole point of this light is to be as small as possible, hardly bigger than the 18650 itself, if you add a clicky then you sort of defeat the object.

Simple, but friggin annoying if you want high and have to one handed scroll through the modes you don’t want. I actually don’t mind twisty UI’s, but why no mode memory? Is there a single negative to having mode memory?

okéh i let you win :P

hence i deleted all my posts in dis thread ;)

Blinding yourself in the middle of the night? :D

Or your spouse or the people in the restaurant or the people in the theatre…

I really dislike mode memory. My memory is not that big and to also remember what mode my flashlight FHS was in last time would take up too much of my valuable memory space.

LOL! Same here. Give me a light that starts in low and has no memory everythime for an EDC. Only with an outdoor monster would I consider starting in high.

I'd be all over the titanium if it was the same color as the prototype

But this production sample of titanium???