DQG 18650 EDC--World's Smallest 18650 Flashlight

I’m not very happy with my DQG 18650. The problem is the bottom of the battery tube seems too narrow. Most of my 18650s go in fine until the last few mm where they get completely stuck…. so much so that I had to solder a handle onto one cell and then use pliers to pull out the cell.

The only cell I have that works in the DQG is my 1600 mah AW IMR 18650. But this isn’t a good solution. First, the advantage of the DQG was it’s long battery life. But being forced to use a cell with half the capacity of others destroys that. Secondly, the rather narrow IMR cell rattles around in the light, which makes the light feel very flimsy in the pocket.

I like the neutral tint of the 3C and the beam pattern. Other than that the beam doesn’t really wow. As expected it’s far dimmer than the much smaller, but much brighter pocket rockets I normally EDC.

I checked SingPost again today…

Item No. Posting Date Status Date Status Description
RF136159193SG - 12-05-2013 INFORMATION RECEIVED
(This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)

Hopefully this is the start of the journey… does not show up on CanadaPost. As far as direct response from Ric since last Friday… noop…

fingers crossed!

Do yourself a favor and get some NCR18650A 3100’s from fasttech HERE They fit excellent both width and length. I am sure there are others that fit.

Exactly what brands/models have you tried? It might be helpful for others to list them here.

I think most unprotected cells are going to fit. I have tried a few and all worked.
I have tried two types of protected and none work.
TF Flames would not go in, mostly due to a bump (18.77mm diameter) where the protection strip runs up the side. Length (69.24mm) may have prevented light-up anyway.
Panasonic NCR18650 (2900mAh grey) protected from FT will go in, but will not light up (69.58mm long).

Mods: I have copper braid on the spring, cleaned and lubed the threads, fixed the head O-ring, added a body O-ring.

Other than the slightly green ano tint on the head, I am now satisfied with the light. I have a hard time justifying a $30 price tag though, let-alone the $35 regular price.
I see this light as a solid $20-$25 light if delivered fully and properly assembled.

I figured out a way to get a decent shot of the head colour. Anyone else notice this on their black DQG?

Wow that sure is not black. The difference with my titanium one is not nearly that dramatic. Actually looks kind of cool… But I understand your disappointment.

I agree with your overall critique relic. Forgot to mention mine did not have either body o-ring installed. I put on both, along with fixing the head arrangement. I can forgive these quibbles on a pre-order first run unit, but I think you have a point on pricing. $35 might be a tad high.

If the whole light was that colour, I think I would be OK with it. It’s a little less obvious in hand, The shot seems to bring it out a bit more.
In any case, I’m going to ask Ric for a replacement head that is black.

Or a green tail? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got mine today, Ti color NW tint. Head ano is just a tiny tad lighter, tint is about on par with the neutral on my EagTacs. Did all the same o ring and lubing business as everyone.
For my first budget light, I’m impressed, would buy it again. Was a little worried that my protected 3100mah wouldn’t fit but they do :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Ok, found a bad thing. That tail spring is bad, really bad, but luckily it was easy enough to remove and stretch out some, my longer cells smooshed it down so then the unprotected ones turned it into a DQG strobe…
Time to find a locally stocked feasible replacement, not waiting for another month of Sundays to get a spring…


Are you looking for a spring CONUS?

Would this work for you?



.15 for the spring and $3 for shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

Got mine today. Like it. Only "problem" is you need to turn head pretty much open to eliminate "push flash". And head is more glossy and lighter color.

No, mine came out nice 'n matt black:

But I really dig the head colour of your light, I agree in that would it be nice to have a matching tail .

True. Many twisties, especially on the budget end of things, have this issue. It can be annoying.

Here’s a few pics of mine:

Kind of hard to show the difference in finish, but you get the idea.

I like the flat black on yours djozz. Goes great with relics green head lol

Do you have (did you put) 2 O-rings on the threads on the body?

One of mine had zero O-rings there, and the other had only 1. After I made sure there were two O-rings, that “push flash” problem is much better.

Yes, I did put 2 black o-rings. And there is still 1 extra white and black one.

Still needs 3/4 turn to eliminate "push flash"

Sorry to hear that then :(… I wonder if thicker O-rings might help/work.

My 2 lights were really loose before I added the 2 O-rings, but after that they’re good. I still keep them in the boxes, and the only time I see that push flash is if I’ve only unscrewed the head slightly.

If that spring would work, I wonder if you called them and asked if they could reduce the shipping for 1-2 springs? $3 seems steep (understatement :slight_smile: )…