DQG 18650 EDC--World's Smallest 18650 Flashlight

@ Glenn
You can still get it for the promotion price of $30 at

Thanks buddy! How long is the promotion good for? oh I see, 8 days

I hear ya man. I'm not wild about twisty's myself. I think I'll pass

Arent Eagletacs UIs also based on twisting? :P

Its really simple.. only magnetic control rings are more simple.

I don’t think I will. Of course a clicky is preferable in many ways but it takes up space. The whole point of this light is to be as small as possible, hardly bigger than the 18650 itself, if you add a clicky then you sort of defeat the object.

Simple, but friggin annoying if you want high and have to one handed scroll through the modes you don’t want. I actually don’t mind twisty UI’s, but why no mode memory? Is there a single negative to having mode memory?

okéh i let you win :P

hence i deleted all my posts in dis thread ;)

Blinding yourself in the middle of the night? :D

Or your spouse or the people in the restaurant or the people in the theatre…

I really dislike mode memory. My memory is not that big and to also remember what mode my flashlight FHS was in last time would take up too much of my valuable memory space.

LOL! Same here. Give me a light that starts in low and has no memory everythime for an EDC. Only with an outdoor monster would I consider starting in high.

I'd be all over the titanium if it was the same color as the prototype

But this production sample of titanium???

same here… something got lost in translation at the finishing process…

Yeah, just pm:d Ric about changing my order to a black one, didn’t order one in gold! :frowning:

They grey one looked really nice, really like the color of my BLF A8 too…

I’m guessing the original silver sample was painted or powdercoated. it doesn’t look like anodize. The finished product is definitely ano. It’s too bad they could not (or did not) match the prototype colour. I would have been tempted to add one to my order.

The gold is weird, was definitely looking forward to the grey but oh well. Two of my three nice lights are black so something different to use will be nice.

Saw that but then djozz says here that it’s plastic so now I’m not so sure because the material is not specified on the sales page.

The golden version is swank but I suspect it would be even hotter with a twist ring set full of cubic zirconias (and an XM-L2 warm white emitter).


Looks like I’m the minority, but I, for one, am happy about the goldish color. (The original gray was good too.) Have a strange thing with gold lately. White is my absolute favorite though.

dont tell me your one of them ones with a white car and gold rims :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a question, but I’m relatively new here, so please don’t beat me up, but aren’t the Skyray Kings available in gold, and aren’t people liking that? Or does everybody dislike the gold Skyray Kings also?

Just curious…