DQG Hobi XHP50 Mod

Another ridiculous but fun build :wink:

XHP50 J4 3C on 10mm sinkpad
10mm MTN driver, potted
Polished brass sleeved head
Forward magnetic clicky tail switch
Titanium & brass body
Graphite trim
2× 10180 or 2 × 10250 cells (with extension pieces)
Brightness to size ratio - Severe

Weight – 18g (with cells)
Length – 54mm
3A max current on high mode


Full titanium 2 x 10250 with brass lined sections version

Max – 1400lm
cd – 460
Throw – 43m



Momentary side switch version

Max – 1400lm
cd – 460
Throw – 43m




XHP50 in titanium & brass body? A hottest flshlight too, may be.

It’s actually fine on low & medium modes and 100% drains the cells so fast it barely has time to heat up :)) It’s brilliant for what it is intended, brief illumination of a large close range area from a tiny package, hence the mule setup & forward clicky.

Awsome build there!! :smiley:

That looks sweet! great job :slight_smile:
Do you sell these lights you build?
Not that I have money to buy one, but just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

:FACEPALM: }) :beer: What can I say?

:slight_smile: Thanks.

I doubt people would want to pay what it actually costs, interesting now you mention it. I don’t usually but i’ll roughly add this one up…

DQG Hobi Ti - £35
Ti extension - £7
Brass extension - £5
Brass tube - £3
Glass - £1
Sinkpad £2
XHP50 - £5
MTN driver - £10
Graphite £1
Resin - £1
Sil wire & switch -£1
10180 cells - £4
Labour - £60 (my cheapest rate is £30pH)

So this little gem would cost at least £135 or $168 for me to build & sell to someone while not exactly getting rich during the process :STEVE:

Did you miss my giveaway ? That light would be nearer £400 to make and sell :X

Speak your mind mate :smiley:

Hey, one day I might have $200+ to spend on a custom micro light, I’ll keep you in mind :wink:

Cool, you will of course receive the BLF mates rate discount :wink:

:open_mouth: So glad I didn’t miss it my friend! ^:)
The flashlights you build are awesome, but I’m sure it’s not only flashlight DIYs you’re doing a GREAT job. It’s not only the way you build them, but your creative/artistic/original ideas you have! :THUMBS-UP:

I’m sure there are always gonna be people willing to pay good money for very handmade special stuff like flashlights. I might not be one of them (yet :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I hope sometime I’ll have enough money for one more of your creations (receiving the BLF mates rate discount of course :)) ).

100% drains the cells so fast it barely has time to heat up :))

excellent idea for heat dissipation!

Hey Pat :smiley: yeah, i’ve got a couple spare 10250 MBI nukes that i want to use with it but i’m waiting on extension pieces arriving.
Really impressed with the XHP50, my first one - much better than the dedomed MT-G2 i had in this previously.

Very discreet switch mate. :THUMBS-UP:

Yeah, it’s made from a 3mm drill bit :wink:

Annnd one more stupidly brilliant mod from you :FACEPALM:
You have a thing to make those little shiny lights both excessively well made and stupid for anyone but a flashaolic.
Well played once again !


I need you to drop in and give me lessons. Theres a cold drink waiting. :slight_smile:

I’ve got to ask, what do you think the lumen output is?