DQG Ti-II Titainum VII XP-G2 1xAAA/10440 Smallest 210-Lumen EDC Flashlight


—Using CREE XP-G2 R5 1A CW / XP-G2 R5 3B NW LED
—Material: High quality Titanium Alloy
—Switch: Head twist on/off ;
—Precise Thread;

—Two modes of brightness: Lo>Hi (starts on Low) ;Rotate head to change modes;

BY AA: Hi (60 Lumens/1.5hrs) Lo—2~5lumens 35hrs
BY 10440: Hi (210 Lumens/1.5hrs) Lo(5 lumens) 35hrs

—Runtime: 90 mins on hi; 35 hrs on lo, with quality AAA/10440
—Using PMMA diffuse lens, Angle:15 degree
—With Luminous glow dot on the tail;Luminous O ring on the head; Easy to find in the darkness
—Battery: 1x AAA / 10440 li-ion;Anti-reverse protection; No battery rattle

—Stronger Magnet Tail
—Ashproof and waterproof
Weight: ONLY 9 G ; with battery 15G
Accessories: Two O rings; SS clip ; Titianum Claw ; Tin box

Start on Low mode ; Without Memory
Using 10440, brightness will step down from 200lumens to 80lumens after 10 seconds.



1A CW and 3B NW version will be available this week…


How much?

What about a AA version with a clip?

10 second turbo step down? why?

i regularly run my itp a3 eos with a 10440 and it takes at least 45-60 seconds before it gets to the point where its too hot and needs to be turn down.

this is a wonderful looking light - the 10 sec step down is a deal breaker though :frowning:

That's a nice looking light there.

I bought a AA SS version a few weeks ago, I like it a lot.
Then last week I bought the SS DQG AAA one but I don’t have it yet.
And also the S2 from the group buy.
I plan to buy this AAA titanium version as well.
Looks like I’ll be eating noodles for the next few weeks, thanks Ric :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually think 10 seconds could be too long. The iTP A3 LED is mounted on a traditional MCPCB, but in the previous DQGs the LED has been mounted directly to the same PCB as the driver circuit to save space, so there is effectively no heatsink at all. This one doesn’t look to be any longer, so I would assume has the same set-up.

Any chances for a run with 219 instead of xp-g ?

actually this is good to know - i stand corrected if this is the case!

Looks great! I must get one..

I can't believe I missed versions V and VI. Need to get those to have the full product line.. WTB, now. ;)

Does it have PWM on low?

Nice that the styling has changed (it has borrowed some elements from the 18650 version), it looks nicer and thougher now I think :-)

Nice titanium! What is the beam profile like?

Also, which size lobster claw does it come with? Is it darker than these titanium you sell?

It coms with mini size Titainum Claw we sell.



Hi the

I must clarify that VII means Version II, Not “the sixth”…


Somebody link the group buy thread. Where is it? :bigsmile:
Ric do you have any idea on what the opening price will be.

Everyone is going to read “VII” as 6.
Try ver.II , v.II or at least vII