DQG Tiny AA Titanium

DQG Tiny AA Titanium

Emitter: XP-G2 CW/6000k
Mode/Lumens: L 2.5,M 40, H 160/230(AA/14500)
Runtime: 60h,6h,1h (14500)
Battery Configurations: 1 x AA/14500 battery
Lens: PMMA
Waterproof: IPX-6 waterproof
Weight: 32g without battery

BangGood sent me this light for review.

Sale tracking link: https://goo.gl/hCfZ9J

This one definitely lives up to its name, the DQG Tiny AA Ti is indeed tiny. It comes in equally tiny/minimal packaging. In the box is the light, two o-rings, a split ring, pocket clip and instructions. Not much bigger than an aa battery it disappears in your pocket. A twist of the head activates the light in low mode, a quick off/on twist switches to medium and another gets you to high with no memory.

The magnetic tail cap makes affixing it under the hood of your car or to a ceiling fan bracket (like I did today) a breeze (pun intended). The lens o-ring is glow in the dark which makes the light easy to find after use if you happen to drop it putting it back in your pocket at night though the glow doesn’t last very long. The head and body have knerling on them for grip and the head has added matching to make it look good. The pocket clip easily clips on and can be reversed though it is pretty thin up top. I prefer bolt on pocket clips but for a slip on clip this one doesn’t make me worry about it coming off.

With a good combination of spot and spill the cool white beam is very useful. Right out of the box the threads were smooth which is not the case with all Ti lights, Ti on Ti tends to be gritty. Overall this is a great light. The combination of size, pleasing/useful beam and looks make it a great EDC light.

PHOTO GALLERY: https://imgur.com/a/UmLdd

Nice pictures! I have one of these in SS, and it is such a good little light. I do wish that DQG would improve the clip on these, it works, but it could sit lower and almost disappear into the pocket. You can use one of these to make it disappear. Thanks for the review!

Agree, this is a great light. DQG occupies a unique niche, they are almost always the smallest lights made for a given battery size, but they are by and large also very well made. I have many, many lights, but my SPY rides on my key ring, my Tiny AAA Ti 90CRI is my light at work. If I needed the extra brightness of an AA at work, this would be my pick (and now available in 90CRI!).

seems a bit pricey for the output
ti is nice butt not BLF