Driver burned

I have a flashligth with 5 leds in paralel and the driver is burned.
The leds could be Q3 or Q5. I need to buy a new driver.
It must be 19mm in diameter and must be only one mode. The flashligth have two 18650.
Can you indicate me where to buy the new driver?
It must be minim 3 amps.
Please tell me a place to buy it. Must be to pay with paypal.

No one can help me?

Welcome to BLF!

Can’t help you here so let’s hope more knowledgeable people will chine in together :wink:

I only need a shop to buy a new driver. Can you help me to find a new driver. Please

So you need a 19mm single-mode buck driver. I don’t have time to look now, but is probably your cheapest bet. You can also try but shipping from the USA to Europe is ridiculous.

xymox2002, single mode 20mm flashlight drivers? I've yet to see one…

If it is because you do not want disco modes, FastTech has this (can drive leds in series) and that and Kaidomain has some. Other than those vendors, and also bearing in mind cost reasons, maybe from seller “mtolya” on eBay, 1-mode, but 23mm.

Saludos ^:)