Driver or Buck for Maglite

I am a New Member here and wanted to some of your guys opinions. I've got some Cree XMLAWT-1C0-T60 that are mounted on star boards. And I'm making a Modded 3 D Maglite. What do you think would be best to use with the highest Output?: A driver(like a AMC7135) ? or a Buck ? I made a heatsink already that fits perfectly.


Thanks Triker, I'll probably get those Rechargeable Sanyo Eneloops. I wanted to ask you (excuse my ignorance) but when you say 8 X AMC7135 what does the 8 mean ?

The alkalines will sag significantly more though. Nimh's start at 1.4v and can maintain that, Alkalines start at maybe 1.6/1.7 but drop below 1.4 soon as an amp or two of current is running through them.

So your saying to use 8 of these all together ? I don't think 8 will fit into the tube. Another note I always thought using NiMh rechargeable are better than Primaries cause primaries don't carry enough current and voltage drops to soon. In the long run aren't NiMh a better choice cause the drop rate sustains longer ?

"One driver will have 8 of these little devices" Now I'm Lost. I know what drivers look like but I don't know what you mean by devices. I've never heard it put that way.

Yes Trik, this is a driver (I know this & Thanks for pulling that up for me) What I wanted to know is Am I to use 8 of these little drivers for my project ? I'll show you a couple of pic when were finished with this. Right now it's running direct on Primaries. It's pretty Fu*king brite but I know I can squeeze out another hundred Lumens.

The 7135 is the little chip(s ) on these things, the little black things with the legs. They're 350ma linear regulators apiece, and they're wired in parallel so the current adds (sums) up between them. In the picture above you see 4 on each side making 8 total. There's also a little bit bigger chip (8 legs), which controls them.

You just need one circuit board. That circuit board has 8 350mA current limiting chips on it, giving it a total of 2.8A regulated power.

Thanks Jocobhl That's what I figured....