Driver question

I found this today.…ard-p-732.html Question is I want to use it in a tight space to run an MT-G2, will it provide the proper voltage along with the current off of 2 cells? I understand only a little about drivers, along with the regulated current they provide how do they detect the proper voltage to push?

it should work, but I think hike light reported the fasttech 1/2 cell ld 29 didn’t work an mtg2 even on two cells.

I like this driver used with an appropriate contact board when I need a 3a driver in an enclosed space and match used one in his mt-g2 minimag. might be worth a shot.

I didn’t see that one arrive. I’ve been looking at the one at LCK, and now this one. I’m still trying to figure out if I can run an MT-G2 on two 18350 IMR with reasonable results and run time.

MT-G2 is a very special emitter due to its high vf, so its only one way to find out. It may or may not work…
But two cells would be needed, and if it works, dont expect high output when the cells are somewhat low on voltage…

If it does not work, it will probably be a very nice driver for XM-L2 or XP-G2 on copper.

btw, I would recommend to rename this thread. “driver question” is not very specific to the subject…
“LD-2C driver combined with MT-G2?”
Or just simple, “LD-2C, 3A driver” something more like that.

Ouchyfoot, the LD-2C just arrived at intl-outdoor. :slight_smile:

I used this driver as an example as its 1 of three I’m looking at but its the only one that I think I can squeeze into a UniqueFire UF-F10 (TK-35 clone). In general some drivers will accept the need to drive higher voltages some don’t, as reported on our boards. I really want to build a few small to medium size MT-G2 lights but I don’t want to guess what drivers will work and which won’t. By the way the reflector size and 2-18650’s make this light look perfect for the modest boost. I wanted to go 5 amps but every driver I looked was just to thick.

I just ordered two of them.
It would be great if it was 17mm. I’d love to mod some 2xAA lights to take 2x14500.

Has anyone gotten this driver and tried it with an MT-G2 yet?


FYI, I PM’ed Mr. Wang, asking if this LD-2C driver would work with the MT-G2 emitter, and his response was that it doesn’t work with the MT-G2 emitter…


What is the difference between this driver (LD-2C) and the well-known LD-29?


I have the LD-29 and the larger board doesn’t have any components. It serves only as battery contact and can be removed. The LD-2C definitely has components on both sides. Several BLF members have ordered the LD-2C and we’re waiting for reports.
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