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I am not sure if it is the correct forum part for this but kind of fit here.
Anyone would like to explain what are the main differences between a head torch driver and a flash light driver?

And the other question is how do the head torches maintain such high output for so long time? Is is just because they are much more efficiently cooled and the thermo regulation doesnt kick in?
I think last pretty good head torch i saw was from Lumonite and it utilizes 7 leds, pushing out 5000lumens pretty constantly.

I had to ask as there is not soo much info about high performance head torches.



There is no difference.

Most flashlights and headlamps use only 1 battery called the 18650, at a max of about 12Wh. And most use a single LED that outputs 1000 lumens, meaning of consumes about 10W. WO the flashlight will last a maximum of 1 hour.

The Lumonite does not use 1x18650.

It uses 8x18650. Meaning capacity is 8x12Wh= 96Wh, close to the 101Wh of the Lumonite.

Doing 5000 lumens consumes normally 50W. Meaning if the light is kept actively cool at 5000 lumen, it will last about 2 hours.

Resume: The Lumonite lasts a long time because it has a lot of batteries.

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Thanks for the input. I kind of was thinking that the battery pack is powerful to keep it running, but didnt really get how the thing does not step down because of heat.

This Lumonite is not actively cooled as i know. But huge cooling ribs behind the lamp.

Or other heavy hitters like Lupine Betty … 4500lm i think. No active cooling either.
To have more leds with smaller current will keep the torch head also cooler, right? Otherwise they would throw in two XHP70.2 and have a 6000lm+ thermal bomb?

Tinkering with a idea to make my own headlamp but the question always is, how to get around 2-3k lumens with minimum leds and best turbo run time. Without any timed step down and stuff like that.


Hmm. Your best bet would be to take a single XHP70.2

Technically, an XHP70.2 is 4x XPL2s stuck together.

Some with 2x XHP70.2, you would have actually 8 LEDs, and would be slightly more efficient than the Lumonite.

To get minimal heat, you would need a big LED that is under driven, like the XHP70.2 at say 2000 lumen and a fat heatsink. Then at that point, it would be sustainable.

A regular right angle light can’t sustain more than 1000 lumens with an XHP70.2.

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