Drivers for 6v LEDs?

Anyone able to recommend any drivers suitable for 6v LEDs? I have a couple of MT-G2s I’d like to use and an XHP50.2 I bought by accident.

Looking for either 17mm or 22mm drivers.

I’ve used the CF FX-17A in the past for 17mm drivers. It’s ok, but doesn’t seem to be available any longer. Hoping there is something better these days.

For 22mm Convoy offers a few different options at their Aliexpress store. Supposedly Simon is working on a 17mm boost driver but I haven’t heard of any expected dates on that being done.

Thanks. You don’t know which ones? I never find it all that easy to search on specs on Aliexpress.

The problem is everything that’s readily available has a garbage UI, besides Hank’s drivers. Those require special order via email, and only come in the sizes his lights use…

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3