Drivers for momentary switches

Is there a list anywhere of drivers made for momentary/electronic switches? Looking specifically for something over 5A and 30-31mm max, though it can go bigger by a bit depending on component location.

I'm aware of this driver: and it might fit, it'll need to have holes drilled for 3 mounting screws located in a ~35mm circle. I don't think I'll know if it will work until I have it in my hands.

So, list up any interesting momentary-controlled drivers you've run across. Even stuff that doesn't fit my exact requirements might help somebody else or spur ideas for a different project. :)


There’s this driver database:

It has info on some drivers where it mentions momentary switches in the “Notes” column (in the browser, search on the page for “switch”), but the switch type isn’t called out explicitly, so you can’t filter by the switch type I don’t think.

DrJones drivers:





5V~8.4V 2000MA 3-MODE