Drivers for SST-50 and SST-90 at DX!!!!!

SST 50

- Model: TR-001PB
- Designed for Luminus SST-50 LED flashlight
- Voltage: 8.4V
- 5-Mode: High 4000mA, Mid 2000mA, Low 800mA, Fast Strobe 2800mA, SOS 4000mA
- Cable length: 7cm

SST 90

- Model: TR-0124
- Designed for Luminus SST-90 LED flashlight
- Voltage: 12V
- 5-Mode: High 6500mA, Mid 2000mA, Low 800mA, Fast Strobe 5000mA, SOS 6500mA
- Cable length: 7cm

SST-50 Smooth Aluminum Reflector (5.1CM-Diameter)

SST-90 Smooth Aluminum Reflector (7.3CM-Diameter)

Now all we need is a cheap host to handle the massive drivers and reflectors. Anyone have any ideas? Also, the SST-90 driver might be a good choice for slightly overdriving an SST-50 for a mag thrower or similar.

I thing those drivers and reflector are designed for Maglites 4D or WF-500. (big head flashlights)

I think the 7cm one is too big for a Maglite head - it is only 52-54mm inside diameter. The WF-500 is about the same, maybe a little larger. It certainly isn't 70mm. I don't own anything that would take a 70mm reflector.