Drivers that can be turned on magnetically

I am curious if anyone knows of any drivers that can be purchased that can be turned on magnetically like so many of the OEM drivers do. I’m working on a new project that will require this feature. Thanks in advance.

WOW. New Deft? :)

To help you out a bit, I have ordered some drivers from Jetbeam (Fanny) for my RRT-01. Few bucks only and it can give you an idea how they work.

Thanks for the response. Yes I’m working on a new DEFT model. :smiley: Aiming to take back the longest throw crown. Hopefully by a significant margin. So Jetbeam sells the drivers to the public? Is there a contact you could share with me?

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I still have my OSTS TN31mb that I bought in 2013 :+1:

Good luck with your new project

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I just did a bunch of rework on a TN31 driver. I honestly don’t think its that complicated to design. Just need a few low quiescent hall effect switches, and an MCU with enough I/Os. Each pin gets a hall switch. Code should be simple. TI DRV5032 might be a place to start.

Any driver can be controlled with hall effect (magnetic) sensor. Its more mechanical part. You need a magnet on the ring and spring to imitate push button. But you can control UI with any magnet …. lets say you wearing a magnetic ring ;)) I ques its very simple, you need just replace push button with hall sensor ;)))

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Have fun with new DEFT. :beer:

Out of curiosity, is it going to be a LEP?

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Kaidomain carries one. Might be modable to an attiny mcu. Link

Electronics is the area I am weakest. None of what you said sounded easy to my noob brain. But thank you nonetheless. :slight_smile:

That’s the plan. It will be a light engine of my own design. An update to one I developed 10 years ago.

I don’t know what an attiny mcu is. So so close but that driver won’t work due to the voltage range. I’m running 4 18650 in series. The current is close to what I want. Aiming for 3-5A. Thank you so much.

If it’s LEP does that mean you need a laser driver?

No. Most LED drivers will work fine.

LEDs and lasers are both diodes and they work very similar. They both needs a constant current driver, so it’s basically the same thing.
Main difference is that laser drivers only have one mode or very few modes, no strobe, and special locking or turn on sequences for safety.

4S to 1S at 3-5A is going to be hard to find even without magnetic control. Maybe get a hold of Lexel or loneoceans etc to see if they could help you out. If you could do 3S (maybe 21700s BTW) then finding a source to replicate TN31 drivers would be what you’re are after.

Oh, okay. I thought laser needed more stable current particularly at turn on. Nevermind, I stand corrected :slight_smile: