Drop Aluminum AAA Nichia 219c: Wrong Emitter Inside?

Was dicking around for fun taking apart all my AAA lights to see what was lego-able.

To my surprise my very recently aquired Drop Aluminum AAA Nichia 219c flashlight appears to not have a 219c inside it.

I understand the 3535 footprint is the same for the XP-G3 and the 219c, so it’s entirely possible they used the same PCB for both the XP-G3 and 219c variants, but to my very untrained eye, that does not look like a 219c?

Drop Aluminum AAA (supposedly 219c) pill on the left, Klarus P20 pill on the right (219c). Sorry for the bad crop, new camera, for some reason macro mode is disabled.

Yes, checked my order page, instruction manual, and package label for the Drop AAA, all indicate Nichia 219c.

Rather dissappointed with this order. Ordered a Drop Vega and a Drop AAA, both shipped and sold by Amazon US, both have defects. Drop Vega only has modes high and strobe. Drop AAA has scratches on reflector, and I think the wrong emitter.

Is Amazon just getting Drop’s QC control rejects?

Check out the photos in the thread I linked. Looks like the one on the left is a 219c and the one on the right is a 219b

Thanks for the link, very helpful. I’m probably going to end up spending a couple of hours in there.

I swear I saw a picture of a white PCB 219c somewere, now I’m confused.

My Klarus P20 is supposed to have a 219c. Not dissapointed if it has a 219b…

Is that reference list definitive? Does every variation of 219c and 219b look like that? Or is it a general guide?

The right is definitely 219B and the left is definitely 219C. They are all like that.

> Is Amazon just getting Drop’s QC control rejects?

I dont think so
Drop is a reseller, not a manufacturer
the lights are built by Lumintop