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They look identical best I remember. Its been a week or so since I was in it messing around. That review has some pretty useful info in it, thanks. I didn’t ever find out what exactly the 6 pin ic was either. I did find another driver where the PAM2803 was used and had a similar 6 pin ic. In that driver the 6 pin ic was a mode controller. Apparently it was made just to add modes to a led driver in a small package. Not certain that this 6 pin ic in this driver is the same but with no mcu on board it about has to be.
Mine has different markings on the 6 pin ic but I couldn’t find a datasheet for it either. The CFC6F is a boost controller and its very common in AA and AAA flashlight drivers that can also run li-ion batteries. It runs direct drive anything above the vf of the led. I changed the high resistor out for a much lower one and there was no current chnage using a AAA Eneloop. I went back and looked at some of my test data from the Sunwayman V11R which uses the same PAM2803 and the numbers from the input volatge to output current was on par with what I had tested before with the V11R driver. I wanted to see if I could increse the current but I think this is about max using a eneloop battery.
I think I got this labeled right.

You can check the resistance of each with a DMM. I think high measured less than .200 ohms (my DMM doesn’t measure very accuratly down that low).
Med measured around 1 ohm and low 10 ohms. Changing low to 100 to 500 ohms will give you a lower low. Mine has a 500 ohm and measured about .5 lumens.
These appear to be 0402 size resistors, tiny and fun to solder. Just be careful not to shoot it across the room when picking them up with tweezers, never to be seen again :person_facepalming: .