Droped my Aurora sh-035 broke the driver


I always drop my flashlights when I use them because I am kind of clumsy. This time it landed on its head. There is no spring on the driver before tha battery so there is a direct contact of the battery and the driver.The spring would have helped. Resault I have a broken driver

I checked the tailcap, the emmiter works fine.I conected the driver to a 3.6 ,2.4,1.2 xource but nothing. So I am sure iif I dismantle the pill I will find something brolen pn the driver.

What I want is the best driver for use up to 1.5 volts.Can you suggest me such a driver?

The flashligt is the equivalent of the Ultrafire C3 SS regarding its dimensions


Is this one good?To expensive?


Shuld do the trick i guess but check if 17mm is gonna fit in it. It's a 20mm diameter by head so a 17 could fit but check to be safe.

On the other hand it might just have lost/broken contacts. Resolder it properly before buying a new one. The drivers are quite tough if coils doesen't get damaget present. You could drive a car over an NANJG AK-47...

I have a SH-035 and replaced the driver with a 17mm driver after it burned out. It's kind of nice that it uses a standard driver size.