Dropped my Keygos KE5

No damage to the casing etc however it is totally dead, not so much as a flicker. Any chance it can be revived with a bit of tlc or once they “go” is that usually it? Where should I start?

Protected battery? If so I would check it first

Sorry I should have mentioned the battery works fine in another flashlight and I have tried another battery in the Keygos with no change.

Try unscrewing the bezel and remove the reflector to see if a led wire knocked loose.I also reccomend removing the tailcap and touch battery negative to battery tube with a paperclip or key to rule out the tailcap as a culprit.Be sure to check the spring for the driver is intact and still soldered in place.If the problem involves removing the driver,you are in for a fight because it's a pain to get out,hope that's of some help-DARC.

I suspect a damaged driver PCB.
Depending on the force of the impact, dropping a torch to the floor may result in cracked drivers when the cell pushes forward against the driver circuit board.

Happened to me twice (P60 designs)

Thanks guys. The tail-cap is ok. The wires on top of the pcb look good. Should the pcb be loose? It has about 3mm of slack all around. Anyone know of a video showing the removal of the driver etc?

I reckon not…

If the PCB is lose , [ head ? ]

You need to de solder + and - from the emitter [ wires ]

Then you can remove the driver …

I would first press the driver back , will it hold ? [ press fit ]

Do you have a soldering iron ?

with a DMM you can check continuity on the driver board (the beep sound of the DMM) and find out if there is a broken driver part

Time to test the new soldering iron. Stand back, I’m going in. :slight_smile:

To the OP, just want to let you know you are not by yourself in dropping the KE-5!! Not too long ago, I am riding my bike, I got double KE-5s up front in U type mounts, and I hit a large pot hole, and one of my KE-5 fell and hit the deck. I think it is dead . I know the glass is broke, I just put on the side. I will look at it again to see if it still works…

Luck to you with yours,

P60 normally have 2 springs, AFAIK :expressionless: (head and tail)

Your powers of observation serve you well - indeed, the common P60 is equipped with springs on both terminals.

What you probably did not know is the fact that at least one run of the now-obsolete, old L2R had a far too-tight fit, compressing the springs to the point where they were close to binding. An almost completely compressed spring acts like a solid object, transferring the pressure to the PCB completely. Mine was cracked three times, all the cracks developed on the center spot where the spring was soldered to the PCB.

I have since addressed the problem by shortening the spring on the replacement dropin, installing a Romisen switch with a shorter, softer spring, and turning a “battery stop” from polyamide bar stock, which goes between the dropin and the battery tube, preventing the batteries to be pushed past its shoulder.

OK so I finally got around to looking at this. I de-soldered the emitter. A quick check with a battery and a couple of wires shows the LED to be working. (Note to self: don’t look directly into LED when doing this in future). :slight_smile:

So looks like the driver is the problem. Old4570 you say it is a push fit so is it a case of poking something into the small holes where the driver wires come through and pushing?