Dry or Sky Ray King? [Roche M170 ordered!]


So, I want an 3 x XM-L (or more) light and I’ve been thinking about the ones written in the topic.

What’s your comment on those flashlights? Maybe there’s something better? I’m looking for a bright (multiple) 18650 flashlight with 3 x XM-L or more. MAX 80 USD!

Please comment!


Thanks! :slight_smile:


lucky for you… Wallbuys is having 25-50% on 1/10… you can get those light at cheaper prices… why not get 2 or maybe 3 of them… why choose? :smiley:

I don't have a Dry, but I just received the King mimic a couple of days ago, and I hate to say that I like this light much more than I want to. I wasn't expecting to be so impressed, but it turned out to be a very nice light. It has a solid heft, great feel, and incredible brightness, that offset the disadvantages. I intend to write up a more detailed report here in the near future...

I have a DRY neutral white, but i would choose for a sky ray king NW in black i think.
More compact, better battery carrier, side switch.
What i would prefer the dry for is the driver: low med high turbo with memory

Only reason I may be getting rid of my King is no medium mode. I had no idea I would hate not having that feature so much. I don’t own an Apex.

The King has a Medium mode, what it lacks is a low! ;)


Getting rid? :wink: WTS? :bigsmile:

This is really hard… Some say King is brighter, some say the Dry is brighter… I don’t know which one to choose :frowning:

I have the cool white Dry. It kicks butt. I have no idea how it compares with the other two though.

Don’t forget the BlackShadow Terminator…

Since when? It has 2249 lumens and a PWM-ridden 232 lumen mode, and then a hidden strobe. No medium at all. 1,000 or 800 lumens would have been nice in between there.

But it’s looking like the Roche M170 is the way to go anyway with mode ramping, U2 XM-Ls, and over 300 meters of throw. And it won’t overheat on its highest mode.

I owned a cool white dry (new version) and I now own a sr king neutral.

Personally I would pick the king over the dry - more compact and a bit easier to hold imo. I always felt like the dry was going to slip out of my hand.

Also I think that using 4x 18650 in parallel rather than 3x 18650 in series makes for a more reliable light. But that is my personal opinion and there honestly is nothing wrong with the drys configuration. Its just my preference.

I went for the King. But there’s no field for entering city when ordering from fancyflashlights? :~ It’s cheaper from fancyflashlights compared to cnqualitygoods. I really don’t know why, because it’s the same thing :~

Edit: This is hard…

Since always. What it's lacking is ~20 lumen low

don’t own a king but love my dry…ridiculous amount of light and 4 modes with decent PWM…if you don’t need 4 mods then the king would do…for me I need the modes so I don’t own a king…

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The Roche is more than double the price though, I got my Fandyfire clone for 40.50 from fasttech.


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But if it puts a lot more of that insane light launched forward, has modes, and good quality (plus, the looks are untoppable!) it may well be worth it. Can’t wait for the first review to be posted.

Once again I don’t know which one I should choose hahaha :frowning:

when in doubt buy both

first rule in flashaholic spending:

why have one when you can have two at twice the price? :slight_smile: