DRY Strobe rate?

2 Questions:

1. anyone know the strobe rate of latest 4 mode DRY driver?


I'd say the strobe rate of any earlier versions is a good guess...but I don't know that either

2. if using more than 1 of these drivers in parallel with the same switch, the modes will be in synch - but is there a way to make the strobe rate itself synch?

this is the last hurdle in a build I'm doing. the purpose of the strobe will be to disorient. If the strobe rate of the dry is relatively low, it might actually be better if they are not in synch...but I'd still like to know :)

thanks for any input...

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Trancersteve wrote: Why are

Trancersteve wrote:

Why are questions about PWM frequency not being answered?

Ric can you please answer the questions raised by myself and many others?

I have to say this is a very strange way to conduct a group buy..

Hello Trancersteve,

The PWM of both of two driver are set as 700+Hz.



Ric answered this in the original group buy thread. I was #10 on the group buy list and my guess is that I was close to that on sending payment. Mine shows as of today;

Destination - United States of America

The item (RTXXXXXXXXXHK) left Hong Kong for its destination on 15-Jan-2012

thanks, but not pwm, I'm wondering the strobe mode frequency.

I'd be surprised if anyone even ordered that version this time w/ all the talk of turbo, but some people got it in previous runs.

edit: I didn't order it either, but I'm on the verge of ordering 3 of those drivers

All my strobes are ~ 10Hz, standard.


I guess I'll find out what unsynched strobes look like because I haven't found a driver that would work for my build (on its own)