DRY tailcap mod

I was going to end up dropping my DRY when operating the switch, so I made it a little easier to reach.

I used (in order) Dremel, file, cratex, 1500 grit, jb bore bright, mother's aluminum polish

Eventually I'll probably do the bezel to match, but with one flat edge instead of both inclined and flat.

These are cell phone pics...and don't show the detail well. When I find my card reader I'll take some real ones.

for reference, stock photo is first

man.... I always just mess stuff up with my dremel :(

looks awesome... you taking orders? :)


the dremel is a great way to mess it up, since it wants to dig to one side. I think the next best thing to a mill would be a pneumatic file.

it takes way too long to do this (w/o one of those tools) to be profitable or affordable but hopefully I'll inspire someone to take the plunge (and they like their results)

Very pimp - nicely done.

thanks, it was meant to be functional but i think it came out looking pretty good :)

That is awesome . . .


I love it! looks fantastic! And that is all by hand dremeling? Very impressive!!

thanks guys

I removed about 50% of the material w/ the dremel, 45% w/ half round bastard file, and then I squared the edges w/ 1/4" round mill file.

I have spent a lot of time w/ a file in my hand (mostly shaping gun stocks and removal of rust pitting), but this is the first time I've done much w/ aluminum.

It is easy to remove material and polish but not very forgiving if you slip

Very nicely done! Excellent work with a Dremel.

Awesome job dthrckt!

Nicely done!

I guess the 4th picture shows the result the best.

Looking forward to your updated shots!
(a little tripod will do miracles ;)

wow very nice, almost looks machined, what a precision!

Pretty impressive getting those uniform results all by hand! Nicely done.

100% agreed.

It almost looks like a rook (chess piece) now !!

thanks guys, it is nice to hear good feedback after spending that much time on it :)

Their are some slight asymmetries...they might show in better photos (but I'll post them anyway). You really have to move it around and closely inspect to see them though.

I was thinking it looks like a rook, too.

I started accentuating the bezel crenelation to match the tail, but now that you mentioned it, maybe I should flatten it instead to make it more 'rook' like.

You should post this in the 'mmmmm-shiny' thread where people are customizing their lights and turn it into a custom/modification thread :)

I will, once I'm done adding some traction to the body and I get some digicam photos

You're brave, awesome work...you should change your name to Dremel Doctor.

sounds great! cant wait to see!

That is some fine craftsmanship! It looks like it was turned on a CNC machine then hand polished. Nicely done!