Dumb question- how does anduril retain settings?

So, let’s say I set up my anduril light just the way I want it in terms of stepped vs ramped/ number of steps/ Max/ min etc.

Then I take the battery out. How does anduril retain the settings I have input?
Is there a capacitor that maintains some power to remember the new settings?
Will the settings be lost eventually and revert back to defaults? If so, how long until this happens?

Thanks for the info.

The microcontroller has non-volatile memory it can retain the settings in.

If I understand the datasheet and some of Toykeeper’s comments right, the ATtiny85 has:

- 8 kB of flash memory for the program

- 512 Bytes of EEPROM memory for preserving settings like your customizations

  • 512 Bytes of RAM

So it sounds like it will retain the settings indefinitely?
Thanks for the quick response.

As far as I know, yes. The datasheet claims decades.

The same way a SD card keeps it’s memory stored after it’s taken out of what ever it’s in

Kind of

EPROM. The transistors act as switches which don’t need power to retain their postion, just to change it.

VOODOO ! no other reasonable explanation.