Dust-free reflectors + glass?

What are some ways of keeping dust from landing inside a reflector and on glass windows/lenses?

I received a Mag turbo-head for Christmas [thank you, Santa! :smiley: ] and the reflector just came from DX. When I mod Mags, I’m always stressing about getting the head sealed up with no dust inside. I’ve used a few methods of dust-removal (canned air, water then air-dry, etc.) but dust has a way of finding a way to land on the reflector before final assembly. Will anything short of a hermetically sealed assembly line vanquish this scourge?

Share tips if you’ve got ’em. Thanks!

w/ three big hairy dogs, dust is quite a problem at my house.

I’ve been known to run the shower on full hot w/ the bathroom door closed and the shower curtain half open - while I read for a bit - then clean a reflector and reassemble a light.

there isn’t much dust around when the walls are dripping w/ condensation.

I don't have any tips, but I have to ask. What "turbo head" is this? ;)

dthrckt, I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

It’s a nickel FM3V :bigsmile:
The DX reflector is a hair larger diameter than a TN31’s and a little less depth. I read somewhere it’s a Trustfire X6 reflector.

Here’s a quick pic

I’ll take some of the light itself when I assemble a new Mag and do comparison beamshots.

You could try an anti-static camera lens brush (made by Static-Master), They use a small alpha particle emitting radioactive source (polonium) to ionize the air and cause dust to forget how to stick. The source/brush cartridge has a limited lifetime (a few years) and is rather pricey to replace.

i’m using that reflector in my latest mag mod :slight_smile:

I lay a few strips on painters tape sticky side up on my work table and quickly place a reflector face down on it to prevent dust from entering before I’m finished with it. It seems to help a a lot, just be very careful to not touch the actual reflective surface with the tape or you’ll end up ruining it.