DX CS slips deeper and deeper into the pool of crap.

I was just browsing a flashlight on DX when I read a comment that a mod left for a customer about a failing new flashlight that he just received: "DX are on holiday for Chinese New Year next week, so ticket replies could take 2-3 weeks, as they already have a huge back log they haven't got through from the last couple of months." (thread topic: Working Sliglhtly odd LED cores not equally bright )

Just a thought but if you must order from DX, order one item per order, and only if you cant find it elsewhere. I just placed 2 orders with KD and they both shipped within 48 hours! No kidding!! The prices are comparable and often better at KD as well. Then there's the price match option if you need to save every last cent. They often answer by email within 48 hours. If you need to complain to DX about a problem with an item, expect to wait at least a couple of months or more.

Thanks for the heads-up

I've never minded the long and seemingly random amount of time it takes for stuff to arrive from DX, I'm never really in a rush for any of the things I order anyway.

It makes opening the brown packets more exciting as well, when it's been so long you can't even remember what you ordered :p

...but yeah even I will probably try to get stuff from MF or KD from now on.

The point is that it will take +2 months for customer service to answer a ticket because of the huge backlog. You're right, the shipping time has grown to ridiculous proportions as well.

I agree with Flashpilot. KD are shipping fast at the moment. I had an item shipped

the day after ordering. Shippingtime are also low. One item 10 days from order to

arrival. Today I recieved a XM-L dropin, 12 days from order.

If RMA are your main concern, Manafont are the vendor to use. In that field they

are way over the others. DX never answers, use the PayPal option! LT seems lower

than low.

Sounds like DX is just in over their head. To maintain their low prices, they are apparently unwilling to actually spend money on RMA reps and shipping infrastructure. But they're not making any friends lately, that's for sure. I will still use them, but as a very last resort. If they offer some new product, try contacting your favorite seller and asking them if they could locate the product and match DX's price.

I noticed the trend. DX is just a backup for MF or KD nowadays.

DX CS is really disappointing lately... My last orders from November had never arrived here and they keep asking me to wait "patiently". Im with KD and MF since December.

Never use the DX rma-options, they will keep stalling you. Go through PayPal and they

will probably refund you or find a solution right away.

I have made 6 orders at DX the last month. All have arrived in the usual 2-3 weeks.

None of them with tracking, so they have not been through HKP tracking system,

which seems not to be working that good at the moment.

Just received an order today from DX that was ordered on the 14th and shipped 18th to USA Smile.... no tracking.

They sent me a dud torch and battery. Cost $18.00. They wanted me to send them back. I declined and after a number or messages I got a $12 credit?(strange math calculation). So I put in another order. It finally arrived after 2 months. I now look elsewhere.

Hey all,

Been reading the forum for a while and decided I needed to join. As luck would have it, the first order I've placed happens to be with DX. After reading this thread, I'm beginning to understand why I've received no reply from them regarding the sale. I sent an email last week but I realize they are on holiday. Oh well, I have my fingers crossed.

Hi jb1

Welcome to BLF!

Have fun here.

On the whole you do get what you ordered - but sometimes it can take a long time.

Hi there jb1, thanks for joining! Glad to have you here.

Yes, you happened to order at one of the worst times. Your order will probably ship out at some point, just don't expect it soon, and don't expect DX to try to make any effort to communicate with you. ;)

Welcom jb1. If it makes you feel any better, I've placed many orders with DX in the past few months and all of them have been filled. Just know that shipping is painfully slow. Patience is the key when dealing with DX.

Welcome jb1.

As Match said, you need patience when dealing with DX. But Ill also like you to feel better

by telling you that I have placed countless orders with them and never lost a cent!

Some dealers here are much worse! For the moment KD are very good. Fast responce and

sometimes ships next day! Manafont has the best customerpolicy of them all.

Welcome jb1.

I suggest you try MF or KD in the future. Those are the best atm.

Aloha and welcome to BLF jb1!

I've learned to be VERY patient with DX but even though they are very, very slow, they usually reply to my emails and my orders eventually show up in the mail. I usually expect my orders from DX to arrive withing 4 to 6 weeks. |(

Thanks everyone. I'm glad MF gets a thumbs up - there are several lights I'd like to get. I guess I need to set up a Paypal account since I don't have one and it looks like most of these places use Paypal. Let the purchasing begin. LOL

welcome to BLF jb1.... It's all a big conspiricy to get you hooked .. while waiting for DX you read more and think "Oh gee maybe this would be a better light than the last one I just ordered , or this guy says you have to run it with a 14500 to see how well it really runs ,or Oh look the new model of this or that came out and is only available in dark olive during it's promotional run ." By the time DX delivers your first package youhave place 6 others and you can consider yourself a full blown flashlight junkie , all hopped up on eneloops and looking for a quick fix ..pretty soon you'll be calling on local US dealers so you can get your product in a matter of days .Some people have said to have seen MAtch digging thru the dumpster behind Battery Junction looking for a quick fix ..Welcome to the brotherhood ..when you're ready... feel free to step up and admit your addiction ...