DX CS slips deeper and deeper into the pool of crap.


LOL, you saw right through me. After I finished browsing the forum last night, I ordered a

KD Cree XML T6 1200-Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (3*18650) SKU: S009891
KD C8 CREE XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650) SKU: S009844
UltraFire WF-1300L 7*SSC U2 3-Mode Memory 1300-Lumen LED Flashlight (3*18650) from Manafont.
Hi everyone - my user id is JB1 and I'm a flashoholic.

Hehe, not wasting any time eh? :)

Heck no Budgeteer! Life is too short to not have enough lumens in one's arsenal.


Some people have said to have seen Match digging through the dumpster behind Battery Junction looking for a quick fix ...


LOL...not quite(only because there isn't one locally), but I do have Bryan Chen at Shiningbeam on speed-dial...

There was a post on dx about 270+ parcels were returned to them by hong kong post. I think mine was one of them lol.


At least it appears to be only a 1 week delay this time.