DX Global Flash Sale! Up to 30% on The Absolute Hottest Sellers!

DX Global Flash Sale! Up to 30% on The Absolute Hottest Sellers!


Campaign Timeline:


Starting Date

Time Zone

Morning Surprises

Crazy Night

South America

Round 1


Brasilia Brazil Time UTC-3



Round 2


Buenos Aires Argentina Time UTC-3




Round 3


Moscow Russia Time





Round 4


Tel Aviv Israel Time




Campaign Rules:

  1. All DX customers worldwide can participate in this campaign.
  2. In order to qualify for the discounts, you must login first. If you don't have an account, please register first.
  3. The quantity of the first 9 special listed hot sellers is limited, only one purchase per user of each item. For the remaining items, no limitations on the purchase quantity.
  4. There are no flash sales available in two phases: (A) 00:00--06:59 (B) 10:00-19:59.But you may still purchase any items at their original prices.
  5. When the flash sale starts, all discounts will be activated.
  6. When the flash sale ends, all discounts will be deactivated. However, you may still purchase any items at their original prices, if they aren't sold out.

Campaign Notes:

  1. During the flash sale period, if you click the “Snap It up” or “Buy Now” button, you are automatically redirected to the shopping cart page, and you can receive the discount directly without entering the coupon. However, if you click the item picture, it redirects to the product detail page. In this case, you need to click “Add to Cart” first, and then enter the coupon at checkout to receive the discount.
  2. The campaign will be launched in 4 different regions/countries worldwide. Each round has two phases for time-limited promotion--Morning Surprises in the morning, and Crazy Nights in the evenings.
  3. Morning Surprises starts at 07:00 and ends at 10:00, while Crazy Night starts at 21:00, and ends at 23:59.
  4. Times listed are local times for designated time zones. So if you like, you can calculate your own local time and find the optimal moment to participate.
  5. There are 8 Flash sales in total globally; and there may be more flash sales in more regions coming soon, stay tuned for details.
  6. For up to date information on the campaign, please visit the latest threads posted at DX forum and DX blog . You may also find live support from DX CES.


  1. Should any the rules and notes bring any confusion, the English version shall prevail.
  2. Prices are subjected to change without further notice.
  3. If any items go out of stock, DX reserve the right to replace them without further notice.
  4. DX reserves all rights to the rules of the campaign.


Items for sale - unknown
Amount discounted - unknown
Quantity for sale - unknown

Given Dealextreme’s poor track record of promotions don’t keep your expectations high.

Now, the items and discount are on the page.

No discounts for those of us living in the U.S.A. or perhaps just an oversight?

“Flash” sale is a bit misleading…lol. not many flashlights. I think its meant to mean “instant” or “quickly” like a spin off of Wallbuys seckills.

Looks like a bunch of 5% discounted non flashlight items…so…kinda a regular weekly sale?

The discounts are not very attractive, and the assortment of items is not very relevant to BLF members.

Fail Xtreme


………… :expressionless:

Not flashlight related (mainly) nor even budget really.

Come on now….

I spotted an XML for 8 bucks…. :money_mouth_face:

This promotion will start in 15minutes.


After they failed to resolve issues with non-registering order during one of their 50% sales I just stopped looking at them, let alone buying.

DX customer service is nonexistent POS!

Please tell me that this is some sort of a joke. These discounts are absolutely horrible! Thanks for wasting my time. Fixing laughable discounts to overpriced items that can be had for far less at most other stores makes me hate dx all the more.

My money will continue to go to other vendors that offer good prices and incentives… and that sure aint dx!

Once again DX, you’re not paying attention. This is a flashlight forum. Only 6 items that were flashlight related? You’re just wasting our time. And the pricing is laughable. Such a fuss over 5% discounts?

Mini pig flashlight.

Regular price 1.10$ now.. 1.05$ :D

Multi-emitter EDC?


$0.05 off if you're lucky and get in quick. I'm still undecided, could you post some more photos?