DX is lying to me for over a month now.

I bought a couple of random items at the 50% May sale at DX. (total value after discount $9.xx)
They were marked as shipped on May 16.

After not receiving for more than a month i contacted CS,
I received a ‘we apologize, …… , please wait 2 more weeks’ message on June 24.

My reply:
Last time i waited patiently for my order you replied I waited too long.
Since there is such a thing as waiting too long, I shouldn’t have to wait more than the time you designate (20 working days) and certainly not more than the 45 day paypal mark. It has now been 42 days.
Btw, i still haven’t received.

This is what DX replied on the 27th:
Dear Customer,
I am sorry for the delay. I contacted the post office urgently and they told me your package is under inspection of your Custom. You know, the authority always takes so much time to finish the work, but we have contacted them to speed up the process.Please wait some
days more.
I promise that we will make sure you can get your order and please accept my sincere apologise for this.
Yours Sincerely,
Customer Service

Notice the word ‘sincere’ appears twice while telling a blunt lie. (i don’t believe they can talk to my customs and if they do, this information is not available never mind the language barrier Chinese-Greek :slight_smile: )
I guess they wanted to avoid me making a paypal claim, well played DX.

Not to get too boring, after a few massages i received this response on June 26:
Hi, dear customer,
Sorry that we have just got the confirmation reply from our courier that
your package is lost on the shipping way.
Then would you mind resending the items in the order to you ?

So a month ago it had arrived in Greece and now it is lost in the way?

One of these cannot be true. But i believe that both are lies.
(note that i have a personal relationship with my postman so i know it never arrived in my post office)

And no, I was not sent replacements…

The items are now out of stock, I was asked to pick replacement items.
One item was similar with same price the second was identical with 2 cents lower price.
Then i was asked to make payment of $10.11 to complete the order being charged full price.

The case is still pending…

So, any of you guys that are sensitive to being lied to, like me, watch out.

I've experienced the peculiar creativity that DX has when making up excuses for shipments that don't arrive. I think its just a delaying tactic. I'm guessing many people just forget about these 'lost' shipments. I hope that you open or have already opened a PP claim before the 45 days are up.

I’m sad to hear they would do such a thing. If the package had no tracking number, it does indeed sound fishy that they could check from the post office what has happened to it.

So far I haven’t had bad experiences like that with DX. Delivery has become really slow lately, but so far I have received every item so I have learned to trust that they will show up eventually.
My latest items from DX arrived today, order was made 6/11/2013, shipped 6/18/2013 - and now (7/30/2013) received.

So if you are in hurry to get something from China, better buy it elsewhere and with tracking number.

At least you got a few massages out of it, that’s worth a lot more than $10 :wink:

More seriously, I agree: looks like they are lying to you, and then you got a different customer (dis)service agent.

If you placed an order and did not have a tracking number, then you are out of luck unless you file with PayPal or your credit card company.

Always, Always, Always buy with a tracking number. That way at least you know for sure the item was shipped and where it is sitting. I have gone through this before and DX did send the package. It sat in the overseas customs for a month and a half before it moved. I figure it got thrown to the side and misplaced. I also had a package sit in the NY customs for over a month. Sometimes they misplace them or they get "lost or stolen" en route. At least with tracking, you know where it might be.

DX may very well have shipped them. Packages without tracking are sort of given the "junk mail" treatment. It is also possible that they did not ship them. Without a tracking number, you just don't know.

I have placed 55 orders with DX since 2009 but never had such an experience.
(truth is I haven’t opened as many tickets as i should have)

No I have not but it wouldn’t help with the aggravation, I take it too darn personal when people intentionally lie to me.

haha… good one

Actually it is the merchants responsibility to provide the tracking number and proof of delivery. If they cannot prove it was delivered, PP will refund the buyer 100% of the time. This is especially true for international shipments. USPS provides a tracking number for first class international shipments, however no tracking occurs once the shipment clears US customs. There is no delivery confirmation either. Without proof of delivery the buyer will get a full refund.

Hopefully you paid with credit card…I find they seem to be easier to deal with to get your refund if they have a long enough time period to allow it.

There are two kinds of Hongkong Post, one has the tracking no., the one doesn’t have the tracking no. would be a bit cheaper. So i think they chose the cheapest way to ship orders.
And if the package already under the inspection of the customs, how did it lost?

I have included the link to this page in my ticket.

So DX can comment here if they choose to.

WOW this sounds like the ordeal I went through with them recently. Mine was a $49 order so I was really getting concerned. My order was from 6-12-13 and I received it today. I feel your pain here’s the post on mine: MY DX ordeal on a flashlight

I also have been ordering from them for years and this is the 1st time that I got the run a round from them.

Thanks for sharing Johnny,

I’m glad you got your light, though sad it had to involve so much time, denial, effort, aggravation and the intervention of paypal.

I guess they assume, and they are correct, that their time(money wise) costs less than their customers time(again money wise) so they will hassle you forever. (unless paypal intervenes)

So as long as they bring more new customers in, they don’t mind pushing some of the old ones away.

I don’t buy from DX anymore mainly because of the insane waiting times. The longest I’ve ever waited was 2 months. I completely forgot about it and one day it just showed up.
A lot of my online purchases are impulse and DX should understand that I want my stuff now!

share same experience with you too although mine is from aliexpress.
ordering item on 27 may but arrive 31 juli :frowning: