DX points

I just realized I have accumulated $175 worth of DX points. However I have no idea what to use it on. I thought about getting a Trustfire X6 to play with. What are your suggestions?

Holy shit you've spent a lot of money there. Hope it wasn't all flashlights.

Wait, these have to be referral points to use arbitrarily, right?

Use as a tip to DX forum member joshl? Money mouth

I promise it will be put to good use...


I'm confused about how the points work after reading the link in above.

And to the OP, do you mean you spent $175 and have points from that or you have accumulated points that allow you to buy $175 worth of merchandise????

I have accumulated $175 worth of DX points.


LOL, I work in a small electronics storefront and we have started carrying a couple flashlights. So add that to my personal orders and it adds up quick.

It seems a hassle to use them. Unlike manafont where you just click a box. Note 10 points = 1 usd. You get one point for every 10 usd you spend. To get $175 you would have to spend 17.5 K are you sure you have $175 in points.

Not quite?

If $10 = 1 point, then you would have to spend $1750 to get $175 in points (1750/10=175)

$10 spent = 1 point, 10 points is worth $1, so to get $175 back (1750 points) you'd have to spend $17500.

In other words, the cash back in points is 1% of order value.

Gotcha, my mistake.

you really do have to spend a lot to use the points for anything.

In a few words, you have 17,5 dollars to spend at DX using the DX points (not 175)

These "points" reward systems are inevitably a con job used to encourage the gullible to return to the store (of any colour, not just DX).

As someone else has said, it works out to a mere 1% discount in the long term. Why would you bother? I could do a lot better arguing the toss for a better discount at another store, and without all the silly DX hassle and 60-day waiting period.

And sorry; I can't seriously accept that somebody has really spent $17,500 at DX. I doubt that I'd spend that on electronic gadgets in a lifetime LOL.

Did you notice this comment?

I work in a small electronics storefront and we have started carrying a couple flashlights.

To actually answer the OP's question, the FandyFire STL-V6 is supposedly nice, but perhaps you can help the forum out by getting some new-ish stuff that other people are curious about:


The new xml bike/head lights they got seem interesting too at <50, if you have a bike or head.


I still don't think they spent $17.5 k but if they did they must have a lot of stock.

I think its possible, counted my purchase from deal extreme alone and already spent more than 600USD. I cant believe it myself since also purchased a lot from kaidomain, ebay, hkequipment, 4sevens etc.

Yep... I did see that: I did the maths then too and thought, gee, that's a lot of turnover particularly for a "small" store. Like selling 350 budget flashlights (say @ 50 bucks ea) over relatively short time span... we have "started" carrying a "couple" of flashlights.

If the OP is looking at the X6 SST90 as a goer, then my only comment would be that I try and avoid torches with odd numbers of cells, simply because I'm a piker—LOL—and you'd have to buy—in this case—2 sets of 18650s to keep 'em matched with one set on charge and one in use. IE, 6 cells versus 4 cells = $30 less.

Which is one of the reasons I bought the Trustfire SST50 with 2x 18650s @ less than 100 bucks. IMHO the SST90s aren't generally worth the additional cost over the SST50s, unless you have a very specific need that requires the extra throw.

—my 02¢


Can those DX-points be used as a discount for item, that costs more than you have points?

For example:

Ordered one item for my friend. Can I get my points used to get this a bit cheaper


Do I have to add some SKU, that meets with the amount of my points?