DX SKU 7882 Back In Stock?


Depending on which version you get and on your intended applications, the DX SKU 7882 is probably the best if not one of the best multi-mode boost converters/LED drivers. While it regulates output voltage instead of LED drive current, it does boasts an adjustable output voltage, and one of the highest output currents. As with many of the Chinese budget drivers, actual applications and trade offs have to be carefully studied and balanced in order to get optimum results

Production of this item was apparently discontinued sometime around the middle of 2011 as the HK based gadget online stores started tagging the item as temporarily out of stock at around that time. Strangely, DX has listed the item as being back in stock.

I have tried ordering the product and checking availability with the DX online chat facility but have had to replace my order with other items as their temporary inavailability has held back several of my orders. I have certain applications that the version optimized for 1*AA and the other version optimized for the 1*16340/18650 would satisfy.

Has anyone actually been able to get one of these from DX since it was reported as being back in stock? Can BIBI confirm actual stock availability? Are there any other reputable suppliers of this product?

Thanks in advance for any information regarding this.