DX XML-T6 emitter on what looks like a copper star!

The link is here

Does anyone know if this is a copper base or if its just fancy colored aluminium?

If the latter is the case I think the product sucks a$$ because then they had to give it some form of anodizing treatment and the anodizing layer does not move heat as well as untreated alu...


I was reading in a thread on CPF just the other day, that one of the manufacturers was going to come out with Copper stars for the XM-l. I can't remember which thread, but the discussion was about copper on the SST-90 & 50 and the T6 was also going to be available, so it probably is copper, not annodized. I will try to find the thread.

Looks like copper to me..

Well, if you want to be sure about the copper, you could order here. Shipping to anywhere outside Germany is pricey though.


Yeah I know about that one, and as you say if its outside Germany its pricey. Have dealt with them before though and they deliver top notch items for sure. Some items they have seem hard to source elsewhere in Europe. (But then I might not be in the know since I'm a bit of noob to this :-)

They have stuff I can't find elsewhere, period.

I think Lambda already confirmed many months ago that this is a copper star. That being said, during tests, there was no appreciable difference in sustained luminosity between the copper vs AL star when measured @3A emitter current. The XML ceramic pads are said to conduct heat very efficiently and dont act as a large thermal bottleneck; as do in many other emitter contact pad designs.