My bro looking for a vaporizer, he was looking at a Vamo kit. Wonder if any experience on this forum of what is good to go for. The kits he was looking at came with what looked like ultra cells !

any recommendations? Links appreciated. I have no clue and my bro is even more clueless lol

the vamo isnt bad for a starter variable voltage/wattage device

i wouldnt bother with a kit as they tend to come with cheap batteries and chargers

I would suggest looking at AW, Efest, Panasonics batteries with a decent charger like a nitecore or Xtar

what goes on top is probably more important and for a beginner the innokin iclear or kanger protank/aerotank isnt a bad place to start

If you cant find your answer here you could try this forum.

I currently use the joyetech evic. It’s variable voltage/wattage, has a nice display, up dateable firmware and charging thru USB port. I’ve had mine over a year and has taken all kinds of abuse and it’s still working like new. It even comes with a samsung 18650.

Some good replies thank you. In terms of batteries any good quality Samsung, efest that I would usually use in the flashlights ok?

yeah Samsung, Efest or any quality battery like that will be great

Im a light to medium vaper and a 18650 2000mah will last me the day

I’m using the Vamo V3 and a Kanger Pro tank. Panasonic NCR18650PF cells last at least a whole day for me.

I did drop it and had to replace the switch, but that is easy if you are a light modder. Dug up an old slide hammer and adapted it to pull the mod apart. I made the slide hammer years ago to pull the spark advance unit in an old 1968 Triumph 650cc Bonneville.

ITaste makes solid products. I’ve been using the VTR since December and love it. Massdrop.com often has decent group buys on ecigs


Vamo was alright…we all have to start somewhere and learn…I do have to say I wish I could have saved the money and went right into mechanicals and drippers and kayfuns…that’s where I ended up finding my pot of gold and stopped…but we are all different…the vamo will do you well to start off…I hear good things about the aspire nautilus as a clearo…would be a great combo I think…

and I agree…stay away from the kits…chargers and batteries provided are junk…get some IMR sony’s, samsung’s or panasonics and a good charger (nitecore i4 for bang for buck) and you are golden…

I used to have a Vamo not too bad for what they are really.

For the Vamo any decent cells will work, they are not too picky.

If he is going to get into cloud chasing and looking for really big lung hits then he will want a mechanical mod, high amp batteries and re-buildable atties. Nice thing is that the clones are so cheap now it’s less expensive than ever before and better.

By the way you can do more for less money if you go with a mechanical mod and you don’t have to worry about dropping it either. Nothing to break really. And they are cheaper. You vary the voltage by how you build the coil.

But that is more advanced stuff although it isn’t really difficult at all. Plus rebuilding your own coils saves tons of money over time. Much cheaper than replacing heads all the time. A few bucks worth of wire and another few for cotton and you have a years supply of coils.

yeah and once you wrap a micro coil it is good for months/years…just the cotton to replace…it really is the pinnacle of vaping these mechs and rebuildables are…that’s why I wish I would have saved the money and done them first lol…oh well was a journey and that was worth the admission

In theory they will last and last. Well they will but if you are like me you end up building new ones just because you can and feel like trying something different.

I started vaping just before the 510 came out so I really wish they had what they have now. I did skip the ego though because I was already making my own mods before that. Although they were really a big deal when they came out and people do still like them.

You should bop over to the forum linked to above. A bunch of great guys and really laid back. Spazmod, Pulsar, Johny Mac, Gords and me are “Staff” we are on pretty much every day BS’ing each other and showing off new builds and stuff. It’s set up a lot like here only we cuss a lot. LOL We post a lot of deals and stuff like here as well.

yeah man I am registered over there…someone linked me to it awhile back…tbh I forgot about it but will make more visits now that it’s fresh in my head again…I usually hang out at wackedoutecig…it’s Canadian based, but lots of other countries as well…it’s very non-moderated and a bunch of good people…

i spend my time at www.thevapersrest.co.uk its a small friendly UK forum

Vamo GOOD. Fasttech has good Kits with Nicore I2 Chargers Chargers and Sony cells. I have purchased 6 kits for myself and friends From them and no complaints over a year now.


So I think I’ll get him the vamo v5, it is a quit smoking aid more than anything. I have noticed the members from here on vpf.

All I need now is abit more info on the cartridge, so the ones I can rebuild which ones are they? And also what’s the difference with coil location bottom, or top with wick.

sorry still learning and am reading up at the same time.

Ps. He has a Ego at the moment.

There are drippers and tanks. With a dripper you add a few drops when you want to vape. The advantage is that they are very simple to build and generally taste the best. IMO Also they are cheap.

The tanks have the advantage that you don’t have to refill them as often. The disadvantage is that they often leak, are a little fussy to rebuild and flavors are often muted, and more expensive.

However they both have uses. If you have a long commute in heavy traffic then a tank is really nice. You don’t really want to be dripping and driving. LOL

This is another good place to guy from


if you wanted to go into rebuildables then as 18sixfifty said a dripper is the simplest place to start
but if you wanted a rebuildable to take out and about and not have to worry about keep topping up the juice then the kayfun is a device i would suggest

Vamo is good, MVP2 is great

Batteries are the key and engine in vaping…crappy batteries mean vaping sucks

I go to http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com