E-Cigs as Flashlight Hosts?

Since the invasion and annexation of Taiwan seems imminent as the Chinese desperately need the space to warehouse FastTechs massive E-Cig paraphernalia inventory, I was wondering if some of these E-Cig bodies might make good flashlight hosts.


i know some flashlights make good ecig hosts

the original screwdriver was a romisen

i had thought about a head that takes p60 pills that has a 510 connection on it for attaching. one thing is, all ecigs have momentary switches. most are electronic switches too

The leads that attach to the atomizer could just as easily be attached to a driver. The Switch would be the goofy part. But it could be done easily enough. I used a AA battery box to make box mods for ecigs and the same AA battery box can be used to power a lantern, in fact I have made a couple now that way.