E-mail notifications...

Hi is it possible to get the notifications to come through any quicker ? the quickest i've had is 45mins up to a couple of hours..

sorry for being a pain


Huh, they take that long? Mine seem to arrive instantly. Here is is 2:51 PM (GMT -05) as I post this reply...

Still nothing !!

I just got my notification of your post now...

I wonder if your email provider doesn't like my domain name, it's a free domain ending in .cz.cc, maybe they examine it to make sure it's not SPAM or something? I can try to ask my webhost what the deal is. Could you also please check to see if the post notifications are ending up in your SPAM folder?

Thanks for your patience.

Hi nothing in my spam folder, currently i'm with Yahoo but ill try my google account

Ok i've just swapped to my googlemail address so lets see if that makes any difference :-)

testing 1 2 3, it's 4:19 PM GMT-05 here

Just got that one :-)

Cool, it would appear that there is some sort of holdup on Yahoo's end.

Thanks for your help, just a crappy Yahooooo issue.


Mine's instant......