EA4 Beamshots!! New pictures of the EA4


Wow, the EA4 really kicks ass. How does the TK clone compare the real thing?

Glenn I don’t remember I traded it to Brad. This little light is bad!!! :bigsmile:

Thanks rikr. By the way your off my xmas card list for not listening to me. The EA4 appears to be the clear winner also with a larger hot spot. I'll give you $35.00 for your light if you throw in free postage.

Sorry, I’ll pass… :wink: I really like this little light!!

Rick, you said it! Can't wait to get mine. It will be here on Monday, but unfortunately I'll be away till Wednesday!

That’s a bummer!! At least you have a present to look forward to!!

Glenn. You are also of my xmas card list. S_________vers. Maybe I'll get some money for xmas. I have just received 14 Turnigy AA lsd batteries and no flashlight for them.

So true! I'm bringing my Laptop with me so I'll be able see what's going on here. I gotta keep my eyes on you guys to make sure you all behave...lol!

glen, that's what I did. In fact that's how I'm on right now. My laptop is tethered to my jailbroken iphone for internet. :D

Scaru, that's awesome. I have to get an iPhone one of these days. The problem is I'm cheap when it comes to cell phone service. I'm on Virgin Mobile's PayLo plan. I'm paying $20 a month for 400 minutes.

Hi Glenn. Sorry for being rude. To make up for it PM me your address and I'll collect your flashlight for you while your away so that you will have it when you get home. Cheers.

My address is 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Heights, USA..

Yeah, the iphone really amazes me. My suggestion is try to find one with ios 5 not 6 so you can jailbreak it. It's a pretty good phone stock but jailbroken it is amazing.

off topic:
ill take a rooted android any day over an iphone

i want this light

LOL! You live with Herman and Lily?

That’s true!! Plus you would miss all of us… :wink:

I know they're good phones. Most everybody I know has one, except me. Even my young nephews have iPhones. Go figure....

@Pulsar, why? Just curious as I may be upgrading eventually. To me Cydia will give me everything I want (especially with added sources)

Yep, Eddie's my best friend! lol!