Eagle 8 questions

I know there are Eagle 8 users here, so maybe you can help me with some getting started issues.
Literally the first part I need is not in the library. It’s a BM06B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN)
It seems making it from scratch is a huge task. What libraries can I download and add to Eagle to make this less common? And maybe get lucky and add that connector?

Edit: AH! It impossible to add that Digikey hyperlink to a BLF post.

After some googling, [I got your Digikey link to work](http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/jst-sales-america-inc/BM06B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN)/455-1792-1-ND/926863) by replacing ‘)’ with ‘%29’.

Oddly, the %29 changes to ‘2529’ when you visit the URL. It seems is encoded by ’%25’.

I should add I have 0% knowledge of HTML or URL encoding.

And I can’t help with your Eagle question. :smiley:

I updated the question, thanks.

Hi Joshk,

you might try a library that’s called con-jst2.lbr

Look if it’s in Eagle 8 already (I don’t use v8).

If not, go to http://eagle.autodesk.com/eagle/libraries and type “con-jst2” into the search field. Download the lbr file to the lbr-folder of Eagle. There are two 6pin connectors inside, including what seems to be the SH version you are looking for.

Happy modding

That’s not quite right. Here’s what it looks like in my old software:

And as the connector you mentioned:

Any other libraries worth trying? These aren’t super special connectors I don’t believe.

Hi Joshk,

did you download the new library with the “2”?

I did just yesterday and in “con-jst2.lbr”, you find a part named “?M06B-SRSS-TB” which looks exactly like the part you want in the 1st pic. The “?” stands for B or S and the B is the top entry version of this connector.
When you look at the library in the control panel you see the “?”. When you use the add function in the layout editor you can choose between BM06B-SRSS-TB and SM06B-SRSS-TB (and SM06B-SSR-H-TB).

Ah, found it, thanks! I had the right library but thought the library ended where the next > symbol began. I realize now there are branches inside the library and found it. Awesome.

I’m hunting for another, it’s a DB9 for RS232 serial. I have tried more libraries at your link, but no luck so far. It’s a solder-cup connector that can be installed edge-board. I found an Amphenol version on Mouser here but I have one on my desk from Conec. Here’s how it gets applied, obviously the board in the pic is a random board:

Never-mind the wires, I haven’t freed the connector yet.

If this is a solder-cup connector with diagonal openings, I doubt there is an eagle part for edge installation, except a custom made. The datasheet doesn’t even give measurements of the cups.
Making a custom part will certainly help with placement and board changes.
But you can also simply ‘draw’ it on the board. Use 9 broad wires with appropriate length and width (5 on top, 4 on bottom, or vice versa) with no soldermask and connect these with normal wires to your circuit. You can move them together with the group function.

That’s a good idea, but I decided to try, try again on the library. I finally found it in con-subd.lbr >> F09?S >> F09DS. Woot.

Great, nice find.
Good to know that even not-that-common parts are already included. Although the libraries are difficult to scan. Wish there was a picture overview per lib.

Out of curiousity I looked after v8. Does it always require a registration nowadays, even the free version?

Usually I remember registrations in detail because they offend me a bit. But I wanted this program to work really bad so I don’t recall. Perhaps it was just an email address.

I have a tiny board on order thanks to your help HarleyQuin!

:+1: :beer: