Eagle Eye X2R & Electronic Side Switch

Eagle Eye X2R with 10mm FET driver, moppydrv firmware supporting an electronic side switch.

I saw an opportunity with this light to use the existing charge indicator position as an electronic side switch, there was just enough room after the driver was removed from the charging board to fit in a filed down E-Switch and 10mm FET driver.

I enlarged the hole and made a new switch plunger out of translucent material with an orange tritium vial on top.
The driver retaining ring is filed down and there is a press fitted copper disc in the tail replacing the tailswitch making space for a larger capacity cell using the 18350 battery tube, I may bore out the end cap some more to fit an 18500 but the 16500 fits fine for the time being.

GITD tape around the Noctigon mounted XP-L V6 2C emitter and under the copper star in the tail which also houses a magnet. Output is around 1200lm now.


What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No idea mate :smiley:

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?

Nope, still no idea…

What do you call a deer with no eyes, legs or appendage?

Still no fkn idea!

And thats how I follow your builds. Another terrific mod. 10mm drivers. Anyone that can build them has to be special. Well done. :THUMBS-UP:

Cheers mate, :slight_smile:
I can’t take credit for the driver though.
The special people make the tools, I just use them :THUMBS-UP:

When I just use the Tools, I make a hole in a wall to hang a frame and end up seeing throufh the said wall…
The Man knows HOW to use the Tools !
Good job, as usual :HAT:

Cute :LOVE: What is the switch made off?

It is 5mm clear acrylic tube filled with resin and silicone carbide powder mix.

Things go wrong for me too, I just don’t post about the failed attempts :))