Eagle Eye X6 black flashlight host on AliExpress

Finally you can buy X6 hosts from Eagle Eye


Great price for a two piece lot.

Yes it is, $1 cheaper than gearbest with their discount. I don’t see a centering ring of any sort, hopefully they’ll provide one.

This is probably not the XP-L Hi version. Still, nice find!

EE ships in a corrugated cardboard box, much prefer that to Gearbest….and I just ordered 2 from Gb :frowning: .

I ordered 2 A6 host from EE, there was two centering rings included XP & XM. The packing was very good, reflector in a separate ziplockbag, glass lens covered in plastic.

do these lego with the manker x6 ??

With a double spring, decent button one would need a driver and led to make a working light.
I have a Nichia 219C on noctigon
Is there a way to get the driver from the Kronos X6?

Gearbest and RMM both have the A6 driver. Personally Richards are far better in build quality and in operation. Still on the wifes tablet so no links. Sorry.

Ah the A6 drivr.
Got t from Banggood, serves in a C8.
For these kind of things China shopping is a must for me because of shipping.

Mtn :

Do you mean banggood’s driver ? :

Yes,thanks for that and it was an X6 driver miller was after. I tried edditing my post but gave up in frustration, l’m using the wifes tablet while l’m away.

Thanks both

hmmm, HMMM, being able to make a light with same driver, same size, only 1 with the X6 XPL HI NW and the other with a Nichia 219C
For side to side comparison
Just the reflector is OP and the lens might be differently coated.
Meaning I probably need to swap lens and reflector anyway for a real good comparison, and well just swapping the current LED with the Nichia and back means 4 8 solder actions and could be done in an hours including the testing.
Can I justify the buy of 2 hosts and a driver in light of the Q8 project? The lens is pretty important to test wthout AR coating.

Do they lego? Now that is the real quation, if yes I need to have it :wink:

> Do they lego?
Post to what legoes with what thread when you find out, please

I’ve messaged them about availability of the XPL-HI version host, I asked them to put up a listing for it in their Aliexpress shop.
Got a one-word reply today: “OK”
So hopefully it will appear soon.

Did they have the standard reflector or the XPL-HI reflector?

(XPL-HI reflector should be slightly curved and have an enlarged opening)
See posts #14 & #15 in this thread: Eagle Eye XP-L HI X6 & BLF X6-SE Comparison

So to me now this has gotten confusing, now it appears all they did (since my inquiry) was update the title of the X6 host listing to include XPL-HI!

Then in the description they added to leave a message about the centering rings: “2 centering rings,1 for xml,1 for xpl hi; if you need all for xml,or all for xpl hi,please leave a message

And the title and description shows OP reflector but photo shows SMO.

Confusing because I thought the XPL-HI had a different reflector, slightly curved and with a larger opening. But maybe its just Eagle Eye “new host” vs Eagle Eye “old host” (from BLF SE v1)

This means Gearbest listed X6 XPL-HI host is all just BS and there is no special XPL-HI host? It’s only one host for all X6? And the only difference is the centering ring?

I’ve messaged them again to try and get some clarification.

I think the reflectors all have that bulbous look to them now. On my recent arrived XM-L2 X6R, the reflector was just like the XP-L HI X6 reflector. This X6R has a slightly smaller tighter hotspot compared to the stock BLF X6 reflector.

A6 not X6 :wink:

But I have two X6’s in transit from EE and one from GearBest, so we’ll see if there’s any difference.

I think there is only one X6 flashlight they just changed the reflector/bezel design.

please let us know what you get and if it legos.

OK I see that now :nerd_face: , missed that because your thread is about X6, thanks.

I think you are correct.