Eagle Eye X6 Triple - Drilling the Noctigon XP32?

I am planning to build my x6 triple this weekend, but I see the Noctigon XP32 needs to be drilled. Any advice on this? My understanding is that I need to aim for the very center of the MCPCB (the middle of the thermal transfer pad on the unused center LED pad), but I wanted to check before I powered up the drill.

By drilling the hole you will be shorting the plus and minus pads of the center led with the core of the board. But since it looks like those plus and minus traces are not in electrical connection with any other traces on the board, those shorts have no influence. So yes, drill the hole! :slight_smile:

OK, wanted to be sure as a) it looks like everyone else has done this and b) other than some very complicated wiring I do not see another way to get power there.

An additional question, does anyone know what dimensions the o-ring for the lens is?

Yes, drill away, I built one a couple of weeks ago. You also may have to grind/sand the XP32 down just a bit, make sure you do a fit test before you start putting it all together. The X6 makes a very nice triple.