Eagle Eyes X6 XPL with BLF A6 driver?

Complete noob here.

I recently decided to purchase the EE X6 Xpl Hi. While waiting on it to arrive, i have been reading on here and want to change the driver.

I ran accross this BLF A6 driver. I am liking it because it is fairly inexpensive, preassembled, and touts the BLF backing.

Is this a good driver upgrade for the X6 xpl? Thanks for the help.

Yes it is. I have one in my BLF X6, since I didn’t like the mode spacing with the original driver.
While you’re at it, you should order the short tube and a 18350 battery as well, I like mine much more as a shorty :bigsmile:
thread about short tubes here, with coupon codes: 18350 Battery tubes for BLF A6, Eagle Eye A6 and X6, as well as codes for short Convoy S2+ tubes in Blue and Red!


Swapping in the BLF-A6 driver is the obvious and relatively easy mod for this flashlight. The stock driver is not bad, I understand that it is improved compared to the older X6 drivers, but it does not have the well-loved user interface and efficiency on low modes that the BLF-A6 driver has.

Here’s some beamshots I took of the XP-L X6 with the BLF A6 Driver! Hopefully it gives you a better idea of how it performs. I think it is a great driver upgrade. :slight_smile:

Wow thanks. That’s awesome. Is it noticeably different than the stock driver? How is the run times? Big difference between the two batteries?

Also will the short tube work on the new xpl x6? I was under the impression that they are different

If the EE X6 Xpl Hi doesn't come with a DTP board for the LED, you risk burning the LED if you use a high-drain cell in combination with the FET driver.


On the BLF A6 the emitter is sitting on copper. That driver can throw that thing upwards of 4A just with a used Sanyo laptop pull so copper is a must

The XP-L X6 has a copper MCPCB, although I’m not sure how to check if its DTP.

I have tested a copper 20mm non-dtp xm-l board effortlessly over 5A once, so it may be a problem in this case, but not neccessarily so.

So my A6 driver came in the mail today and it looks like one of the pins isn’t soldered on one of the chips. I cant get a good pic right now. It’s the pin directly above the “pin” on the spring side. Is this normal?

yes its normal, and new EE Hp-L HI comes with DTP boards but they are not good as noctigon.
I am not sure should I change the driver on mine since I am getting 3.9A on HI with bridged springs, thats enough for me at the moment :wink:

how is the throw?

Throw is awesome, but there is also a lot of spill since the centering ring is not so good,and LED sitting too low so the hotspot is not well defined. But still throwing like crazy !

can anyone give me some advise for removing the stock driver? i removed the head and took off the copper retaining ring on the driver spring side. but it seems that the driver is still secured in place… help please…

Did you desolder the wires at the MCPCB?

no not yet. i wanted to make sure i could get the driver board out before i started soldering. but the driver board doesnt have any wiggle to it at all, almost like it is glued down

I've got 2 and both drivers were easy to remove, no glue. If you're certain to replace the driver, try pulling the spring and if that doesn't work, make a hole in the driver and pull it with a hook of some kind.

well i have almost straightened the spring out while pulling on it. i guess i am going to have to start drilling and prying.

So, just to update you guys.

I had to use a pick to pry out the stock driver. It was pressed down into the recessed area and wouldnt budge. I am pretty sure the stock driver board was damaged in the process.

After I got that out, I replaced it with the BLF driver and bypassed both springs. It works flawlessly.

As far as the difference: the new driver has alot more modes and configuration options. however i have found that I personally prefer close to the stock options. (4 mode with memory on) I dont have any fancy testing equipment and I never could figure out how to test the current. But I can tell that the light is definitely getting warmer than before and has a significant step down after 30 seconds on turbo. Walking outside, to me, the light is a slight bit brighter than it was before. I took some before and after pictures but i dont know how to upload them. Maybe i can email them to someone.

My only complaint is that I was hoping for a lower moonlight mode with the new driver. To me, the lowest setting on both drivers are about the same.

BTW, I forgot to mention that I absolutely love this flashlight and I am so happy I found out about it from BLF. I think it has the perfect throw/beam. My dad recently bought a Olight s30r because it had alot of lumens, but now he wants a x6 after seeing mine. Also, I just ordered the X6/X5 combo from the group buy, so I may do a comparison after those come in the mail.