EagTac (EagleTac) Brand | Best places to purchase?

Hey everyone, I've been eyeing some of the EagTac 18650 throwers. I like the looks of them.

I went to the EagTac website to check out the prices, and nothing was listed. I checked BangGood and GearBest, and was surprised neither had any of the brand?

Are there any places to get deals on them?

Thanks in advance!

Deals tend to be seasonal, try:

Andrew & Amanda (you can make them an offer) in North Carolina
Illumination Gear in Florida
Illumination Supply in California
Going Gear in Georgia

As said above, Illumination Gear is a great place to deal with. Great service & super fast getting it shipped out.

Thanks for the response, Tjohn & Teacher.

At said prices, and the lights I'm interested in, I'll have to pass on them for now until I find a good sale.

Your most welcome & understood. :wink: