Easy Grip Clamp Battery Holder

Had looked for a simple solution battery holder using a HarborFreight quick grip clamp ($3). Something that was easy to make, accepted clip leads, and required no welding. After searching the aisles of every local hardware store, and combing thru images on the web, I found a pair of solid copper terminal lugs at HomeDepot ($1.99 two pack). It's item #L35-B2 in electrical.

Can even reuse the slot head screw to attach the lug to the clamp head. Had predrilled the holes and the entire assembly took five minutes. Charging a 18650 while typing this. Worked out great and can store the clamp w/o wires attached. Lugs accept both clips and banana plugs.





Good work.

Congrats on your 2nd post.

Great job

Thanks again E1320 for the photo help. Here's one of my charging station including that grip clamp holder at work!

Nice work. I've never seen those terminal lugs used before. I just drilled holes and used brass bolts. I think I like yours better.

Hopefully the internal resistance is good with this. It looks like it should be. I'll give this a shot. I'm crossing my fingers that this battery holder has low resistance, has consistent results, and is easy to use.