Ebay AA, 270 Lumens (Maybe Chinese) EDC (EDIT)

Saw this, the seller has been around along time on Ebay and is relliable: go_market


Now, working, sorry…

Not getting any love, recommendation, withdrawn…

Listing has been removed ??


This is a lame answer, but I have bought from this seller for years, and his products have always worked, and I was satisfied….

Also this:

More than 10 available / 1,663 sold
And Top Rated Plus Seller

Let’s see… 5W from a single AA, allow for boost driver efficiency and you need over 4 amps… I think not.

Got me, Tex…

Looks like a decent thrower with a deep carry clip. Should be worth the $10 for a AA light.


Claims to run for 5 hours on AA cell. NOT! Looks pretty but ! not my money.

q5 led



My friend has one of these it’s a true piece of junk.

I like the design. Modes? 14500 compatible?


I have one.
My first “real”, dedicated LED lamp, actually… :bigsmile:
I got it on eBay for about $6-7, while the current price was the same as above (about $10-11)…
I gave bid more for fun than to win… but somehow I got it although I did not expect that. :wink:

Still I can only speak about my copy - because I hadn’t in my hands any other example, nor have I found on the internet usable reviews for comparison.

Thrower? Yes, certainly, if you call thrower something that has expressed (mild elliptically shaped) focus amid (otherwise pretty nice) circular shaped tender light.
But - does something belong to the thrower that has range of max 30m (100 feet) at best - on freshly charged 14500?

Nicely designed, certainly, at least in my opinion.
Shape and size is very comfortable in hand and in pocket.
Very suitable for cigar grip.
For me also a very pleasing appearance, overall, with a beautiful shade of black, more as anthracite.
Not too aggressive bezel, nice knurling.

White light, not blueish or greenish.

Finishing - very good, a few drops on a hard surface (concrete, stone) left no visible traces.

My example will tailstand.
No lanyard or lanyard hole.
Switch - very comfortable, neither too soft nor too hard, just as it should be - if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:
But, single mode only… at least - no blinkies. :wink:
Plastic lens and reflector.

Vendor declared it as AA flashlight only, explicitly, after my specified query, but after I spent a couple of Eneloops on it, I decided to squeeze in a 14500 (generic blue Ultrafire) - and… test passed without consequences. :slight_smile:

What more I can say about it?
It’s useful to have with you, for sure - it’s a flashlight after all. :slight_smile:

For the price… you can easily buy something for less money with more performance. If you ask for the best bang for a buck… buy one of sipik clones, for example.

Certainly has some charm.
I would not call it “a piece of junk”, but it’s not something fabulous for sure.

Thanks for that feedback.


You’re welcome, mate.

I wish I had a chance to get good advice at the right time, a lot of times so far… :wink:

All in all, it isn’t that bad flashlight, but it’s just not anything special.
Good for the home, around the house, in the glove box… I do not know, like some kind of backup, supplement… but - nothing more than that.

Too bad, because I really like the look and feel, it had the potential… this way… well, maybe… one day… :slight_smile:

Does it have a 17mm driver? Could be a nice mod host. I'd put a 5 mode TF F20 driver in it in a heartbeat if it fits.


So I took my caliper and measured this thing…
Aluminum pill, the outside diameter of which is 18 mm.
But circuit board inside looks more like a 16 mm to me… hope that helps. 8)

Great! Thanks. Any chance of a photo of the pill & driver?



… hope that helps. :wink:

Thanks! I might just order one to try!